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Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Online slots might be the most popular casino games available online, but the table and card games remain a favourite. These games are the backbone of the industry, and over the years many different variants of century-old favourites such as Roulette has been created.

Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette takes the game of chance to the next level with bigger and better winning opportunities.

Theme, Sounds and Symbols

Evolution Gaming has always been dedicated to creating different variants of card and table games. Their creations often bring something different to the table, but Lightning Roulette has completely changed the game.

When you open the game, you will notice that it looks completely different from any other Live Roulette games. There are Pillars placed around the wheel which almost makes the studio feel like a temple. In the background, there are red, black and green numbered panels representing the potential spin outcomes.

As always Evolution Gaming offers only the highest quality content with an HD broadcast that flows. The video feed is perfectly synchronized with the audio, and the game interface is not only visually alluring but practical.

The game comes with the normal Evolution Gaming extras where you can set the video quality according to your internet speed. If your internet speed is relatively slow it is suggested to play at a lower video quality to prevent lagging.

The game comes with a fun and exciting soundtrack that does not overpower the dealer. The dealers are all energetic, friendly and highly entertaining throughout the game. It’s a beautifully designed game that is brought to life by the energy from the live dealer in the studio.

Game Mechanics

The Lightning Roulette live casino game might seem like a whole different concept, but it comes with the same rules as standard European Roulette. The overall layout and wheel functionality remain the same with the only difference being the Evolution Gaming twist added to the game.

Before the game starts, you will get to place your bets by selecting from the numbers displayed at the bottom of the screen. As soon as the dealer says “No More Bets” the real action of Lightning Roulette will begin.

Once you’ve placed your bets and the wheel is set in motion the host will pull a lever which will result in lightning striking the panels. These lightning strikes will randomly choose up to 5 lucky numbers which could potentially award massive multiplier wins.

Your minimum bet is set at €0.20 per round and can be increased up to €5,000 per hand depending at which casino you are playing.

Special Features

There are many roulette versions on the market, but you won’t find anything as thrilling or exhilarating as Lightning Roulette.

Regular roulette games offer players a 35:1 payout, but with Lightning Roulette, each round gives you the chance to grab payouts ranging from 50:1 to 500:1. The higher payout ratios are all thanks to the lightning strikes and the lucky numbers. If you’ve bet on one of the lucky numbers and it is a winner, you will get the multiplier win.

Lighting Roulette allows you to bet on the full range of Roulette bets as with any standard European Live Roulette game. The only difference is that additional winning chances are offered through randomly generated Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. These are multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x added to selected numbers.

In each game round between 1 and 5 numbers can be hit with lightning and awarded a random multiplier mentioned above. The only thing is that these wins are only payable on Straight Up Bets made on the Lucky Numbers.

Any non-multiplied Straight Bets pay 30:1 and all other bets such as splits, corners, red/black and dozens pay the same as regular roulette.
This live roulette variant also comes with a race track which can be enlarged by clicking the smaller racetrack at the top of the roulette layout. You can make use of this to place more strategic bets.

Play ‘On The Go’

The thrilling Lightning Roulette game is a must add to your casino mobile selection. Its high-quality graphics, easy to use interface and screen adaptability makes it a beautiful game on any screen. With lightning strikes, energetic live dealers and big winning possibilities this game is one to play on the go.

CasinoWow Game Verdict

When it comes to live roulette games, Lightning Roulette is one of the most exciting variants available. This live casino game appeals to both table game and slot players alike, and the opportunity to get a 500x multiplier on a straight-up number bet is enough to get any player to take a seat at the table. Lightning Roulette is definitely one of the best roulette variants out there.

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Lightning Roulette




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Lightning Roulette FAQs

How much is the jackpot on Lighting Roulette?

When playing Lightning Roulette you can trigger massive wins of up to 500:1 on straight-up bets.

Where to find similar games?

Evolution Gaming is constantly working on exciting live casino game variants and recently launched a Lightning Dice live casino game. It’s an alternative live casino game that offers the same thrilling lightning experience with a dice board game effect.

What is the minimum and maximum bet?

The bet range of this casino game can start at €0.20 and can climb to as high as €5,000!

Can I play this game on my mobile device?

Yes! No matter how you like to play, you can do so from your mobile device.

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