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Top 4 casino-themed animated episodes

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Here’s your list of the top 4 most amusing animated casino-themed cartoon episodes. Sit back and have a laugh!

One of the very few things in this world that seems to bring together people of all ages is cartoons. There’s something about a cartoon and a good giggle that just creates a sense of community among young and old.

Of course, one of the classics is The Simpsons, a more adult yet hilarious animation series. In recent years, many of the animated films and series like The Simpsons have become riskier, raunchier and more PG to be precise.

While it might have been a disappointment for kids, it sure has created tons of giggles and satisfaction for adults. The casino gambits and scenes have been a source of laughter and relief for online players across the globe. So much so that we’ve created a list of the top animations and gambling scenes for you to enjoy.

Here are the top 4 animations and the best gambling scenes!

The Simpsons – Springfield (Season 5, Episode 10)

The Simpsons - Springfield
The Simpsons is one of the all-time favourite American animated sitcoms. Image Source: USAonlinecasino

In this episode, the town of Springfield is in what they consider an economic slump and one of the options is to legalise gambling.

Homer gets the job of a blackjack dealer at Mr Burn’s Casino while Bart also opens his own casino and Marge becomes addicted to slot machines.

It’s a hilarious episode where Maggie almost becomes tiger food and fabulous stars, Robert Goulet and Gerry Cooney make an appearance.

South Park - The Red Man’s Greed

South Park
South Park is an American animated sitcom created for Comedy Central. Image Source: FastTech

This is the seventh episode in the seventh season of South Park and it’s a parody of the removal of Native American tribes from their home lands (1830 – 1847).

In this episode, Kyle’s father keeps losing his money and essentially the house due to his severe gambling problem. The Native Americans plan to buy out the town and Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny attempt to stop them. It is later realised that that South Park is a community, not just a town.

The episode is incredibly funny as the casino chief continues to try and take the land by wiping out the town’s folk. His deeds continue to fail, all this while Gerald spends more money on gaming almost losing his wife, house and town in the process.

It may be a funny episode but it also plays on the importance of knowing when to stop and practice Responsible Gambling.

Family Guy – Stewie Goes into a Casino

Family Guy
Animated series "Family Guy'' is about the adventures of the Griffin family. Image Source: FamilyGuyAddicts

Family Guy is an episode filled with imagination and creativity. In this episode, Stewie is stuck in the snow and Brian tells him to imagine he is in a farm place.

All of a sudden, he is in a casino surrounded by fellow casino players. He is playing exciting table games, a variety of slot machines and having a ball until his funds run out. Then things escalate, as it does for many, but suddenly Stewie has insufficient funds, is strangling someone and drives off in a bus.

The bus drivers ask Stewie if he wants the heat on and he ends off with ‘Yes, Please’. He finds himself home once more as everything goes full circle. This episode is quite the wild ride!

Johnny Bravo – Casino Night

Johnny Bravo
Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo is an American animated television series. Image Source: Cryptozoic

The beloved blonde, muscled dummy that has been keeping us entertained on cartoon network for years is at it again in this episode.

Johnny Bravo is not the smartest of men but he’s got his good looks and the sweetest heart. In this episode, you see how innocent and unaware he actually is.

He reminds us of a first-time casino player entering the casino as a newcomer unaware of what it brings. A simple pull on the slot lever brings him a big fortune which he immediately discards and writes off as something bad. As a newcomer, he is unaware of the big fortune he just lost out on.

It’s silly, goofy and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Published: November 1, 2020

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