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Replay Game Session: Reliving big wins on top slot games

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New Win and Replay features allow you to relive your biggest daily, monthly and all-time wins.

The online casino industry is constantly growing and adapting to create an even better gaming experience for players.

Online casino games are quickly gaining ground and becoming even more popular among players globally.

With the latest technology, software providers can turn your regular gaming experiences into immersive adventures.

Play, win and replay

Innovation is key to staying at the top and Yggdrasil Gaming is known as one of the most innovative game developers.

The game creator has a knack for filling the voids within the online gambling market. And could easily be one of the future leaders in the industry.

Yggdrasil Gaming was the first to launch a revolutionary new promotional tool changing the way players game. The BRAG tool allows players to watch replays of winning spins and even share these wins with friends and fans on social media.

This replay and share function was the first of its kind and started by only allowing shares and replays of winning tournament rounds.

Currently, you can replay and share any winning rounds from tournament leaderboards. You can watch and share big win replays with fans and friends.

Follow the leader

Shortly after Yggdrasil's feature launch, NoLimit City jumped on the bandwagon with the NoLimit-Replay feature.

This feature uses a simple Backoffice interface to identify the best wins for the last day, week, month or of all time. Then a unique link is created and customised for special social media tags. The link is shareable, and anyone watching gets to replay the actual game round the way the winner did.

NoLimit-Replay sticks to authenticity and adds an intro screen to the game round showing the time, bet, currency and other details of the win. Once the replay is complete there is an outro screen that sums up the experience.

It's a bullseye

Kalamba Games also made quick work of adding a replay option to their promotional tools. They launched the Big Win Replay feature in September 2020. The feature is very similar to that of NoLimit City's NoLimit-Replay.

The Big Win Replay enables you to replay the biggest wins from the daily, monthly or all-time section. To replay any game all you need to do is click the Big Win Replay icon within the game.

Why are they so popular?

Online casino games are becoming more sophisticated, providing a video game type experience instead of the old-fashioned click, spin and wins.

With the Win Replay features, software providers and game creators such as Yggdrasil Gaming, NoLimit City and Kalamba Games are making the experience more sociable.

Players have the opportunity to capture their wins and share it with their loved ones. In this digital era, people are more likely to interact with a visual 'telling' than a word for word retelling of the experience.

The new win and replay feature also enables streamers to share their experiences with fans. It creates a conversation and shows fans and friends what the games are all about. Where online slots and games have generally been considered a solitary entertainment option, it is now something that is shareable and turned into a social experience.

Wins can be shared, compared and celebrated via different social platforms. Those who are wary to try the online casino industry can get a feel of what it's like and dive into the experience. For streamers, this builds on advertisements, fan base and even possibly partnerships in the future.

Endless possibilities

Currently, there aren't many software providers with this feature available. You can enjoy big win replays with Yggdrasil Gaming, NoLimit City and Kalamba Games slots.

With the attention it is getting, it's safe to say more software providers will follow suit and implement a similar feature in the near future.

Published: December 31, 2020

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