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Multi-licensing and its impact on the MGA

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The impact of multi-licensing in the EU on the Malta Gaming Authority and what they can do to overcome the challenges.

With any operation or industry, there are good and bad updates. For gambling enthusiasts, the good includes new casino games, features to try, and a variety of online casinos.

The less glamorous side is the changes in regulations, licensing and the gaming authorities in charge.

In light of this, recent developments and changes within the industry regarding multi-licensing might affect gaming authorities.

The impact of multi-licensing on the MGA

The Malta Gaming Authority is a respected gaming authority that licenses hundreds of online casinos. It is based in Malta and is considered one of the top EU online gambling hubs worldwide.

The MGA has been one of the top EU gambling authorities for many years. But with all the recent changes in legislation, their reign in the industry could change rather abruptly.

In reality, various European regions are either allowing for multi-licensing or strictly focusing on internal licensing.

With more countries getting their own licensing, the MGA’s licensing is being pushed to the side and might even disappear completely.

Regions with multi-licensing

According to an EGBA analysis, 27 of 31 European countries now have some form of multi-licensing available for online gaming.

Currently, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Luxembourg are the four countries without a form of multi-licensing.

Finnish online casinos, as well as the online gambling market in Iceland and casinos in Norway, have a monopoly over licensing and online gambling. And Luxembourg currently doesn’t have any dedicated regulations for online gambling.

Among the 27 countries with multi-licensing, there are only 23 that have a full multi-licensing model covering all online gambling activities.

Slovenia and Switzerland have monopolies over sports betting, and Austria and Poland have monopolies over poker and online casino gaming. The multi-licensing only applies to other gambling forms excluded from their monopolies.

Finland is also expected to establish a multi-licensing framework to cover its online gambling market, which is expected to launch in 2026. At the moment, the region is still undergoing legislative reforms.

The benefits of multi-licensing

The industry is changing rather quickly, and multi-licensing is becoming more popular, especially across Europe. Multi-licensing can have many benefits, including increased consumer protection, increased tax revenues, and better regulatory control.

If the MGA wishes to overcome multi-licensing challenges, it must stay committed to competence, excellence, and innovation.

This includes implementing and upholding an efficient licensing process, communicating clearly, and collaborating with other regulators.

Another great way they can stay ahead of the curve is by using modern technology to their advantage. This includes using Smart Contracts to reduce paperwork, simplify licensing, and promote transparency and efficiency.

Gambling regulations and licenses in your region

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Published: June 12, 2024

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