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The psychological influence of online casino games

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The psychology behind online casino games that software providers use to make you interact with slot games for longer.

The online casino industry is rapidly growing and expanding with more people across the world signing up and dipping their toes in the iGaming pool.

While there are a lot of rewards and benefits to gain from online casino gambling, there are still some other factors to consider.

New research shows that online casino games are designed to keep you playing for longer. Take a look at how the design, layout and other factors impact you psychologically.

Sounds and their effect

Slot machines each have their own sounds, soundtracks and effects that help to create a more immersive gaming experience.

According to research, sounds are not just added to increase the entertainment value but keep you playing for long. As the sounds of online slots build, so does your level of excitement leading to want to keep playing.

A psychology professor from the University of Waterloo, Mike Dixon, revealed that after years of prominent slot studies, it has been proven that noisy slots trick your brain into thinking you've won more than you actually did.

The study also revealed that software providers specifically look for sounds and backing tracks that will keep players gambling for longer.

If you consider the sounds used by top software providers such as EGT and Novomatic, they will use big win sounds and similar soundtracks for all their games. Thus, making their games instantly recognisable for players. Software providers such as IGT will have music stop once the reels stop spinning. Doing so creates an urge to keep spinning for the music to continue.

These are all elements that directly influence your time spent playing the slots.

The idea is to draw players in and keep them at the slot machines as long as possible. For players who know how to play responsibly, the sounds will only enhance the overall gaming experience.

What about themes?

There are a variety of different game options available online but slots are among the most popular - partly because of the range of themes you get to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of myths, legends, folklore, fairy tales, wild animals or even holidays, there's a themed slot for you.

Software providers have also started exploring TV series, movies, music and other branded slot themes. Making it even more alluring for players to try out the latest games with their iconic themes.

These themes are carefully selected based on the research of what players will be most likely to react to.

Bonuses, promotions and VIP rewards

For casino players, the gaming experience comes with the thrill of bonuses, promotions and VIP rewards. The industry has worked to making casino rewards seem more beneficial and rewarding than they really are.

These offers appear bold, flashy and bright on the screen. They usually attract players visually and with accompanying sounds. Still, be careful with the small print and conditions.

The Trance Effect

Slot games affect you psychologically through the sounds, lights, themes and wins they can award. Factors such as well as the game speed, the animations and other forms of entertainment are also part of the deal. At some point, you could realize you’ve been spinning without thinking or watching the clock for a few minutes or hours.

It's known as the Trance Effect, created by the sensations provided by these online slot games.

Unless you actually take a step back and analyse the spins logically, you could be swept up in the gameplay quite quickly. Unfortunately, this could make it easy to develop a gambling problem or spend more than you bargained for.

A pro tip would be to block out the noise, turn it down or mute it completely. The idea is to stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

There's nothing wrong with having a good time, as long as you do so responsibly.

Published: November 12, 2020

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