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SEGA aims to breach borders with Super Games

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SEGA partners with Microsoft to create new Super Games that will surpass the boundaries of conventional gaming.

The online gambling space is one where growth and advancements are never-ending. In late November, SEGA caused a stir showing interest in expanding into the online gambling space.

The future for SEGA brings an increase in investment and fans have been very vocal about the changes.

Stepping into online gambling

SEGA is looking to join big names like Ubisoft, EA, and Square Enix in boarding the NFT investment train. The investment in NFTs, blockchain technology and other future tech is all part of their new 100-billion-yen spending plan. Bitcoin casinos will also probably benefit from this plan, as cryptocurrencies will be included.

SEGA will be taking the next 5 years to develop games, make acquisitions and hopefully contribute to emerging tech such as NFTs and blockchain. The ambitious plan for the years ahead will set them back a total of 100 billion yen (about $880 million).

One of the focus points for the year will be ramping up their strategy for the new type of video game known as Super Games. These are online games that bear a lot of similarities to Phantasy Star Online 2. According to SEGA, the plan is to create and release multiple Super Games by 2030.

SEGA predicts that only about 10 to 15 billion yen will go towards game development. While the rest will go towards the other avenues. For game development, they also plan on recruiting new workers and investing in new game engines and environments.

Partnered with Microsoft

The industry giant recently entered a strategic partnership with Microsoft to use its Azure cloud servers for powering the new Super Games initiative.

SEGA President and COO Yukio Sugino said that the reasoning for the new focus is the growing ecosystem and player responsiveness to games. According to Sugino, the way people interact with games is becoming more diverse. SEGA wants to go beyond the conventional game boundaries and create super games that will excite the gaming community.

SEGA and Microsoft will be working hard to trailblaze this new way of online gaming. SEGA could potentially use Azure for building games as well as hosting them. The focus will be to provide more than just a game. It will include services, create communities and so much more.

SEGA is investing not just in the company future but in their global player base as they create these Super Games.

The player response

With the objective to please players and their need for more diverse and immersive gaming, SEGA is expected to have a favourable reaction.

While many players were happy about the news, some players were outraged. The main reason for the anger is that SEGA has always been known as an environmentally aware company. At least where games are concerned.

The fanbase feels SEGA is betraying its previous message about being against the machine and joining in mass production.

Then there are those who believe that SEGA might not be turning bad just yet. Instead, they believe SEGA might look for a different type of NFT (BNB) that could be less energy heavy.

One thing that remains unclear is whether the new games will feature the iconic SEGA character, Sonic the Hedgehog. There is no indication of new super games being based on existing franchises or if they will be stepping away from the classic titles to explore new game themes and titles. It remains a mystery that will only reveal itself in the weeks to come.

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