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Social vs Online Casinos – Where fun meets Big Wins

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Online casino games have a great following around the world, and not only by gamblers. An interesting trend has developed over the past decade or so, where both mobile and desktop players have used their various social media accounts to play free slots, blackjack, poker, and more at social casinos.

This pastime has proven what many in the casino industry have been trying to say for years – casino games are not only for gamblers!

We cannot ignore that ‘social casinos’ and ‘play for real online casino’ complement one another. Social gaming has been a great help in growing the online casino industry as a whole, preparing players to play prominent casino titles adequately.

Social vs Pay for Play

Platforms like Facebook, Google and others offer players the opportunity to engage on a social network of gamers, often in playing against each other for points and the like, without the need to bet real money on the titles. While the clear benefits of social interaction can be observed, the entertainment factor is often not maintained, causing players to seek greater challenges out in the casino world.

Social gaming has therefore been an active doorway for new gamers at online casinos around the world, where players can experience a little more reward for their efforts than just the bragging rights offered when playing on social media. It ‘wets the appetite’ to up the risk factor and embrace the competitive vibe that online casinos provide.

While standard pay for play casinos offer the chance to win real cash rewards, they do lack the social element found in Social Casinos. Players enjoy competing against other players. This virtue of nature is the very reason why Battle Royal games like Fornite, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Warzone, are becoming increasingly popular in the arcade game segment of the gaming industry. Here, players compete against one another and not just against a virtual opposition, creating competition and camaraderie.

Cutting Edge Casinos have therefore followed suit and harnessed the best of both gaming worlds to provide the perfect splice between real money casinos and social gaming platforms, to make the gameplay environment more socially competitive and exciting.

Enter the Hybrid

There is a small selection of casinos that offer social gaming for real money. These are classified as Gamification Casinos in the industry, among which prominent brands like Casumo, HighRoller Casino, and Kaboo Casino all form part. These ‘pay for play’ platforms all add an extra socially interactive layer over and above their standard game selection to ensure that the competitive and social qualities of gaming come to the fore.

Casumo allows you to view what other gamers are playing, what they are collecting and how they are faring on the site with regards to level-ups etc. Kaboo Casino provides gamblers with various missions to complete for rewards on the site, making the gaming experience greater than what any single game title can offer. At HighRoller, you are afforded an immersive new world to compete in, where you can create a personal avatar, collect rewards points, loot points from other players and compete for the domination of the Metro.

WOW Factor

With the way the world is going, digital entertainment is inevitably the way of the future, but the games must remain sociable for optimum player engagement and prevent society from retreating into their own bubbles and disconnecting from those around them. This is why Social Gambling, whether free or paid for, is a trend to be embraced and built upon.

As a player, you must understand that free games and real casino games must be approached differently. Responsible gambling protocols should be practised when playing for real cash, and certain self-control measures must be exercised on these sites, as your credit losses will affect your wallet if you are not careful.

Be sure to partner with CasinoWow to ensure that you play at a selection of reputable casinos that are geared to offer you the security, protection and social entertainment you deserve when playing for real money!

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