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Exclusive! An interview with Play'n GO by CasinoWow and what 2021 holds for the provider

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A thorough interview with the leading software provider Play'n GO about what 2021 holds for them and some interesting game facts you never knew!

As a leading software provider, Play'n GO never seems to disappoint us. The variety of games and features makes the experience at all Play'n GO casinos simply amazing. CasinoWow, however, had some questions about the specifics of the games and you can be sure you won't find these answers anywhere else!

We wanted to get an honest and exclusive interview with the game provider, and we are more than excited to share it with you.

What to expect? A talk with Play'n GO

What does 2021 hold for their development and what can we expect from them? These and many more questions were answered by Tommy Adolfsson Saarela, Affiliate Manager at Play'n GO.

  • CW: We are fans of all Play'n GO casino games, but we still found some specifics interesting. For example, in Reactoonz 2 the bonus feature is activated mostly by the green and yellow symbols; with the blue and pink - not so much. Why is that when the payout for the symbols is actually the same?

T.S.: That’s the beauty of the game, for you it would seem like green and yellow, for other people blue and pink. It’s actually the same for all the colours, but everybody experiences the game differently, and that’s part of the fun!

  • CW: Can you recognise a different attitude towards the games with differently coloured symbols? Are green and yellow are more attractive than blue and pink?

T.S.: Visuals are very important in a game. But it’s not so much a case of which colours to use, but which colours can go together, and create the right tone. For instance, if a game has a nature theme, it needs greens, browns, yellows and reds.

Of course, brighter colours can be more attractive to a player’s eye when they’re choosing a game in the lobby, but the colours can’t be out of place or clash together.

So, I wouldn’t say it’s about particular colours, it’s about the right colours.

  • CW: Can you find a pattern of why certain games are more preferred than others?

T.S.: Hahahaha, if anybody knew the answer to that, then they’d have the secret to taking over the industry!

Many various factors can influence a game’s popularity; the theme, the music, the animations, the features, even things that are happening in the wider world.

What we do is, we use our extensive knowledge of the industry and its players to craft games that we think will entertain players and keep them engaged and enjoying themselves.

While most of our games are well-received, many have gone on to become worldwide hits because all of the elements lined up perfectly and they captured players’ imagination.

  • CW: Which is the most popular mobile game by Play’n GO?

T.S.:We have plenty of games that remain extremely popular; Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2, The Sword and the Grail, Moon Princess, the list goes on.

While different games appeal to different markets, we have a whole host of titles that are some of the best performing in the industry worldwide.

  • CW: Are you planning to make Megaways/Megacluster games? Or games with other specific features?

T.S.: While we have no immediate plans to make these types of games, that could change in the future. We know Megaways are very popular, it’s tempting just to do something for the sake of doing it but, we have a plan and a certain way of doing things. When the time is right, then I’m sure we’ll deliver something in our own unique Play’n GO style!

  • CW: What is your unique selling point, and how do you compare your games to the competitors’ ones?

T.S.: We live by our three values, Trust, Quality and Energy. We make sure that we put those values at the core of everything we do, which helps us create such wonderful titles.

What makes us so good at what we do is the fact we put so much time and energy into making games for everyone to enjoy. All of our practices and processes; our use of knowledge and experience, is all to make sure every game is the best it can be before it sees the light of day.

In terms of comparing our games to our competitors, it’s simple; we don’t.

  • CW: For 2020, you set a goal of releasing 52 new games, do you have a number for 2021?

T.S.: We do, we are planning to improve upon our output from last year, watch this space!

  • CW: It is only natural to end this interview by putting the responsible gambling in the spotlight. Last year, Play’n GO took part in the Safer Gambling Week, do you plan on focusing on responsible gambling this year as well?

T.S.: We take responsible gaming very seriously, and taking part in Safer Gambling Week was just a part of that. All of our games come with measures such as play limits and in-play timers, to help ensure responsible gaming and promote it through our social posts.

All of our games are designed to be enjoyed safely, and we want to help make sure of that.

We thank our friends at Play'n GO for joining us in this conversation and we can't wait to follow their development further more this year. Stay tuned! 

Published: February 16, 2021

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