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Piggybacking on the name of a locally licensed online casino in Switzerland

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By failing to secure all relevant domains, Swiss-based online casino, Group Partouche has found their planned domain piggybacked.

Off-shore casinos are having a field day with Swiss domain names as they strategically sneak under the radar to find ways into the country’s online casino market. Thirty-five new sites were added to the Swiss blacklist as casino operators registered domains that looked nearly identical to the legal entities registered in Switzerland. The recent additions now put the blacklist total at 285 names.

Swiss Federal Casino Commission (ESBK) continues to proactively manage access of unregistered online operators as they take a hands-on approach to place obstacles in the path of off-shore online casinos who are hoping to offer unregulated online gambling services to residents.

State of Swiss online gaming

Since 2018, Switzerland has welcomed international online casino providers applications, yet found themselves overwhelmed with an influx of unregulated casino operators who were looking to bypass Swiss requirements.

By placing a restriction at server-level, residents are protected by the State as they are kept safe from making use of illegal services. A blacklist was created for the purchase of sharing across a wide range of servers to offer responsible gambling within the country.

Big names that have made an appearance on this list include Bet365, Pinnacle and Unibet as the country encourages local casino operators to offer gambling services to citizens instead.

More than 50% of the country’s population partake in games of chance through the national lottery and, while casino games, poker and sports betting are legal in a land-based environment, the online counterparts are proving to be more tricky.

For the moment, the law states that Swiss residents are allowed to place bets online using a tiny portion of casino operators. In light of the recent novel Coronavirus lockdown, online casinos have only gained popularity which has given the ESBK lots of work to do as they essentially play a game of “Whack a Mole” to keep off-shore casinos out.

Curacao culprits

Gambling licenses from the Curacao Gaming Authority is the common denominator amongst the most recent additions to the blacklist. While this particular gaming license has gained popularity for its minimal tax levies, the ease at which online casinos can meet the licensing requirements is a concern for more stringent countries.

And, while the Swiss government gets the framework together to properly legalize online gambling within the country, residents will continue to do what is necessary to enjoy this particular pastime.

Piggyback palaver

Swiss casino group, Partouche, found themselves at the centre of a piggyback palaver after Pasino.com grabbed the opportunity to register a domain with a similar name.

Pasino.com, a contract based Ethereumonline casino clone of the blacklisted BC Games, was recently added to the list after the ESBK noticed the domain. The name similarity is to Pasino.ch, which is the domain of the legitimate planned online casino for the Partouche Group, seems to have been an attempted camouflage.

The Partouche Group currently has a pending banner on the site and recommends that interested parties subscribe to be notified once the business is up and running.

Let this serve as a reminder to all legitimate businesses to snap up all affiliated domains in future!

Promise of progress

On a more positive note, the ESBK recently added the 6th casino to their list of approved operators as they welcomed 7melons.ch to the fold.

This licensed casino is the online arm of the Grand Casino Kursaal Bern AG which is owned by the Casinos Austria International (CAI) brand. This follows the launch of StarVegas.ch in February, another member of the CAI and the online counterpart of Casino Interlaken.

Published: October 17, 2020

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