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Aristocrat to launch an online gambling division

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Aristocrat is planning on entering the online real money gaming sphere with the launch of an online gambling division.

For casino players, there is always something new and exciting happening that changes the world of online gaming. The most recent changes involve the Australian slot machine giant, Aristocrat, and its plans for a new business segment.

The industry giant is launching a new online real-money gaming segment which will give them even more footing in the world of gambling.

The launch of the Aristocrat online gambling division

The Australian slot machine company is planning to launch its very own online gambling division and in doing so, they will enter the online real-money gaming sphere.

In their annual general meeting, it came to light through the CEO and managing director, Trever Croker that they will establish a third operating business to oversee the online RMG space. This will sit alongside the slot machine division Aristocrat gaming and social gaming business Pixel United.

The Aristocrat Gaming CEO Mitchell Bowen will lead this third brand. He will have the support of a leadership team consisting of internal and external appointments.

With Bowen moving to this new sector, Hector Fernandez will become the new CEO of Aristocrat Gaming. According to Croker, Bowen has already cemented his reputation as an industry executive of ‘global standing.’ He makes a strategic and operational impact which is evident as well as his excellent ability to engage with staff and focus on customers.

All this forms part of the new ‘build and buys’ approach Aristocrat has adopted, in which the company invests heavily in building its own real money platform. At the same time, they will continue to seek out all the necessary acquisitions that will speed up the process.

The company is focusing on building its own online real-money gaming platform infrastructure while also undertaking several Merge and Acquisitions, partnerships, and talent acquisitions.

And to bring the right level of focus and momentum to the task, they are bringing a third global operating business within Aristocrat.

Aristocrat goes forth despite failing to acquire Playtech

One of the most recent acquisition plans included a bid on Playtech, which failed. The primary reason for the acquisition failure was the lack of shareholder backing to proceed.

Playtech is now being broken up and sold off in parts. For the acquisition to successfully take place, there would have to be a 75% vote in favour of the merger. However, there was only 56.13% voted in favour of the bid. Another 43.87% of Playtech shareholders voted against the deal.

One of the primary reasons is that shareholder value will only increase by selling off Playtech’s B2B and B2C businesses separately. According to the Playtech chair, Brian Mattingley, the acquisition process only shone a spotlight on the fundamental premium value of its businesses.

While Aristocrat is disappointed with the collapse of the Playtech acquisition, it won’t keep them from continuing their rise online and expanding their online presence.

The company will continue to stay committed to accelerating its growth in the real money online gaming sector. All while assessing alternative acquisition targets.

Aristocrat will continue to execute their established growth strategy and focus on delivering strong operational performance, including more amazing Aristocrat games, through their outstanding products with the best people and capability.

The company will also continue to invest in growth in their globally operating business units Aristocrat Gaming and Pixel United.

Published: March 16, 2022

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