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Quickspin dominating with new advancements planned for 2021

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Quickspin takes the industry by storm with a bespoke platform, slots and new game mechanic planned for release in 2021.

For online casino players, there are always more exciting things to look forward to with the approach of a new year.

This is mainly thanks to the constant advancements of technology, a growing number of software developers and the innovation of current industry leaders.

Quickspin is one of the industry-leading experts dedicated to making change and bringing players the best in online gambling entertainment.

The journey through 2020

For Quickspin, the growth and success have been enormous since they first opened their doors back in 2011.

There has been a lot going on including a few management changes and the company being snapped up by Playtech.

Throughout 2020 the biggest focus was to build a platform they can call their own and create a new data-driven product strategy.

The new Quickspin platform allows the company to keep growing along with partners, affiliates, and the iGaming industry. It also makes it possible for the developer to increase its agility and move into new markets easily with the ability to adapt to player/ provider needs quicker. The migrations onto the new platform have already started with the final migrations expected around mid-year.

The 2021 Roadmap

As for 2021, there is plenty on the books ensuring the industry, providers and players have a lot to look forward to. The plan is to launch even more exclusive game titles including the release of brands and sequels already known and loved by many. These games incorporate the most popular game mechanics and thrilling game designs available in new formats.

One of the most exciting things to come is the Megaways launch based on the Quickspin evergreen Big Bad Wolf scheduled for September. There are plans to release a total of 1 to 3 new games each month, tailored to specific markets and what players desire.

The new bespoke platform comes with a phenomenal back end that enables the studio to be more data-driven while increasing its capability to offer tailor-made content based on regions and player needs. With the new platform and how games are implemented all operators must migrate onto the new system to access them.

Next level growth

Quickspin, like any other promising software developer, has its eye on expanding into as many regulated markets as possible. With the new and advanced platform in place, it is possible to speed up the pace of their growth plan.

Throughout 2021 the goal will be not just to migrate current operators onto the new system but also explore the options of breaking into more regulated markets.

Along with monthly game releases, Quickspin will lure in new players by adding Megaways titles to their offering. It has also been announced that there will be a new game mechanic developed and added to their already expansive gaming toolkit.

All this and more will be a massive boost, luring operators and players towards their products, services and offers.

At the same time, the CEO and founding member Daniel Lindberg made it clear there is no plan on slowing down, but rather more dedication towards growth and further development.
All migrations of current operators should be complete by the end of the second quarter of 2021.

From there players and operators can look forward to a range of new Quickspin slots released including branded slots, exclusive games, and a range of sequels of the most popular titles currently in casinos.

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