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Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other celebrities with a stake in the iGaming industry

  • author icon by Stelly in Fun Wow
  • calendar icon May 17, 2021 | Last updated: May 27, 2021
  • calendar icon 5 min read
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic faces fines and sanctions by FIFA due to his shares in a betting company.

Up to date: Zlatan Ibrahimović was confirmed to be in violation and will be fined €50,000! He was also handed an order to end any association with the betting operator.

There is never a dull moment when you enter the virtual world of iGaming entertainment.

For sports fans following the news, there has been a lot happening in terms of regulatory-related events.

AC Milan Striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is facing a fine and a possible three-year ban due to shareholdings in a betting company.

FIFA vs Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is facing the risks of being fined or even banned by FIFA and the UEFA after the reveal of his shares in a betting agency.

The AC Milan and Sweden Striker's joint-stock company owns 10% of a betting agency. And according to FIFA and UEFA rules, it is strictly prohibited for players to have any financial interest within betting companies.

According to sources, the joint-stock company, Unknown AB, owns 10% of the betting agency Bethard.com. The UEFA and FIFA rules apply to all competitions from the World Cup qualifiers where Ibrahimovic participated alongside the Swedish national team to the European League where Ibrahimovic played for AC Milan.

The FIFA code applies to all competitions which means that Zlatan has breached the rules various times. Thus, he could face fines of up to 1 million SEK or up to three years of suspension from any football-related activity.

It could potentially count in his favour that Zlatan was never approached about his problematic ownership.

Bethard CEO, Erik Sharp, has also commented saying that they have a contract with Zlatan that they follow to the letter. And if there are any problems, they will deal with them as a team.

The harsh reality is that Ibrahimovic is nearing his 40s and should the UEFA decide on sanctioning him, it could lead to his removal from all football events as well as Sweden's national team to which he recently returned after 5 years of absence.

It is all about the numbers

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a football player loved among many football fans. This player became the BetHard ambassador in 2018 and instantly increased their popularity. A mere image is enough to grab the interest of hundreds of players.

Zlatan is greatly influencing the growth of the industry but may face great difficulty in his football career. At the time of writing, there is no response from FIFA or UEFA. An investigation will follow upon which the punishment will be announced.

The hope is that it will only be a minor punishment instead of a sanction as it could mean an end to Zlatan’s career.

Famous people with a stake in the iGaming industry

The gaming industry continues to grow and expand, and it is not just ordinary everyday people that have an interest.

Celebrities and influential people enjoy occasionally spinning the reels and some endorse or own their own online casinos.

Paris Hilton, the Hilton Hotel heiress, had an endorsement deal with American online casino BGO. Athletes like Neymar Jr and Christiano Ronaldo have been linked with Poker Stars. Shane Warne, the Australian cricket legend, who retired in 2008, decided to pursue his dream of becoming a legendary poker player. Then there is Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, who got his very own video slot named after him.

For many sports stars, involvement with the online gaming industry means making a few posts and cashing in. It is a simple partnership leading to great promotion for the sites and better pay-outs for the sports stars.

| Last updated: May 27, 2021

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