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Are casino bonuses dangerous? Responsible gameplay and reward hazards.

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The dangers of casino bonuses, regulatory changes and steps taken to promote responsible gambling.

For online casino players, there is a lot of excitement surrounding bonuses and promotions.

Over the years bonuses and rewards have evolved along with the industry, with players almost expecting bigger and better rewards each day.

There is such a thing as too much fun and online gambling, it can often lead to bigger more dangerous problems.

The danger of casino bonuses

The fact of the matter is that online casino bonuses are fun and give that extra boost to keep you playing for longer. On the other hand, these bonuses come with set wagering requirements, clearing times and game restrictions. For many, these limits are a frustration on their own.

Those who look past the limits can easily get caught in the proverbial ‘honey trap' of said bonuses.

With an increase in regulatory changes and a stricter approach from gaming authorities, this might soon be a thing of the past.

When you search online casinos today, hundreds of sites with different bonus offers welcome bonuses and other boosts are bound to pop-up. Each casino attempting to stand out and lure players in.

At a single glance, this does not appear harmful, but when the chase for bigger and better casino promotions and loyalty schemes becomes the sole focus of a player it could be dangerous.

The belief is that the promise of bigger and better bonuses and rewards lead to bigger spending from players. And this opens a gambling problem to some players.

Take for example the regular loyalty scheme at a casino. Each deposit you make or game you play gets you one step closer to a next tier level which means bigger and better rewards. As you climb the loyalty ranks you earn exciting rewards such as free money, luxury holidays, exclusive treats and can take part in massive giveaways such as cars and getaways.

When balanced gameplay and spending is in place these do not affect but when chasing rewards, it becomes problematic. Showing that there is still no proper regulation and control over the industry.

In some regions, gaming authorities are attempting to change the industry by completely removing all bonuses and promotions.

Bonuses and responsible gambling

In various regions such as Belgium and Sweden, the authorities are taking a no-nonsense approach to gaming rewards.

In Belgium, regulators have completely banned casino bonuses where Sweden at least allows for a single bonus. The bonus is available on registration.

The new regulatory restrictions and market regulation changes are met with heavy criticism and frustration. Some do understand the reasoning but others are simply frustrated with the new restrictions.

The main priority at this stage is to protect players and find a way to lessen the rapidly rising numbers of problem gamblers. In regions such as Belgium and Sweden, the belief is that a limit on bonuses will automatically manage to fix this.

Touch and go

Truth is that the iGaming industry is still growing and evolving. In many ways it is finding its feet and navigating dangerous waters, working towards finding a spot where safety and entertainment combine.

It might be quite a while before that middle point is found but that does not mean players can go ahead carefree.

As a player, you have the responsibility of practising safe gameplay and keeping control over your actions.

Casino operators, software developers and other industry leaders are responsible for cleaning up the industry and providing a safe space, but this will serve no purpose without assistance from players.

More gaming authorities are already considering removing casino bonuses from the picture to increase safety. Soon even more regulations could be put in place addressing bonuses and promotions.

There is a strong possibility of a future with a maximum of a single welcome bonus for players across the globe.

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