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UK Gambling Authority considers new bet limit restrictions

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A new 10-week consultation will determine if UK online operators and players get slapped with new betting limits.

Due to the recent changes in the casino industry and the increased interest in online gameplay, regulatory bodies are always looking for new ways to increase player safety.

However, the UK Gambling Commission might be taking restrictions too far with their current regulatory change considerations.

The final straw?

The UK Gambling Commission has been relatively unpopular among online casino operators and players in the past few months. With various regulatory changes, tax increases and more, they've managed to heavily restrict one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

Earlier in November 2020, the gaming authority launched a new consultation with the purpose to look for feedback on their new set of measures planned for online operators.

The consultation is set to take place over 10 weeks with both consumers and industry members are given the opportunity to provide feedback.

One of the biggest focus points of this consultation is that the Commission is considering introducing a £100 ($130) 'affordability' threshold per month which will apply to all players at UK online casinos.

On the other hand, this simple regulatory change could avoid further restrictions from the UK Government.

According to the latest news, the Commission considers introducing a loss limit of £100. The reasoning being that based on their research, the committee has concluded half of the UK population have about £250 to spend monthly after deductions have been made.

As such, the considered maximum spending amount would make the most sense and possibly assist with lowering the problem of gambling risks in the region.

When you reach the limit, an assessment is done, to see if you're an 'at-risk' customer or if you can continue playing.

Currently, there are no definite restrictions in place yet. The Commission will only introduce the new gambling limits and other restrictions once the 10-week consultation has concluded. During this time, industry operators and aficionados will have the opportunity to give their opinion. The Gambling Commission will consider all before making any new and permanent changes.

The impact of betting restrictions

If the UK gaming authority decides to implement these new limits, it will not be the first to do so. Belgium and Sweden are among the many regulated regions that have incorporated betting limits for online casino gameplay.

In every region, betting restrictions have been met with frustration from both players and online casino operators. In Belgium, restrictions were put in place to curb possible gambling addictions as players gambled to alleviate boredom during isolation periods.

In Sweden, a similar situation took place as the government implemented restrictions to curb overspending during the lockdown. Players were only allowed to spend $500 weekly. When the news first hit the industry, it caused great confusion among licensees. Swedish authorities needed to provide detailed information regarding these limitations and how they are applied.

It was also stated that the measures were poorly written with plenty of flaws in the legal framework.

That being said, after a short period various restrictions were removed, but betting and deposit limits remained. According to the Swedish Gambling Minister, Ardalan Shekarabi, these limits remain in place to curb the development of gambling risks.

While the restrictions were originally put in place to keep players safe during the lockdown, it has now become permanent. Gambling authorities are attempting to make the online casino industry a safe space for all players.

The UK Gambling Commission is taking a similar approach to safety as the main goal. There will be many that appeal to these new regulations due to the heavier restrictions placed on online gameplay.

For now, it's best to wait and see what becomes permanent after the 10-week consultation has come to an end.

Published: November 19, 2020

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