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Potential online gambling player limits for the Netherlands

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The Netherlands online casino industry could end the year of 2023 with new mandatory maximum deposit restrictions.

The online gambling industry continues to change as gaming authorities seek ways to increase safety. The primary focus is to decrease the problem of gambling in communities and increase gaming control and safety among players.

In recent news, it was revealed that online casinos in the Netherlands could potentially be looking at player limits before the end of 2023.

New Netherlands player limits

The Netherlands has made many changes to its gaming regulations to improve the industry for regional players.

According to the Netherlands' online gambling regulations, online casinos have been permitted since April 2021 but must carry a license from the Netherlands Gaming Authority.

The online gambling sector had its official launch in October 2021, and since then, the Netherlands Gaming Authority has already awarded over 24 licenses. All online casinos operating within the region are subject to regulations that include advertising and responsible gambling procedures.

While the Netherlands already has strict laws and regulations, it is considering making a few more changes. One change the government is considering is a mandatory maximum deposit restriction for online casino players.

As it is still in the works, the NOGA believes it might be implemented as early as the end of 2023. The main reason for this new regulatory restriction is to safeguard players from overspending when playing at online casinos.

Earlier gambling advertisements and promotions were banned as they were promoted by sports stars and other celebrities and were believed to promote the wrong idea.

In line with other EU Countries

The Netherlands is a member of the EU, which means that the gambling regulations of both the EU and the Netherlands apply. With the recent improvements made, they are now EU-compliant.

While the Dutch consumer protection legislation is in line with that of other European countries, there is a gap in the consumer protection policy due to the lack of spending limitations. The Dutch government is expected to address this by introducing draft legislation establishing a maximum deposit ceiling.

It will follow Belgium’s lead in this matter, where players currently have a weekly deposit limit of €200. The country also has a rule allowing players to request limit hikes if they can prove they have the financial means. It should be noted that while deposit limits in Belgium can be increased, they can also be decreased when a player has been listed as a debtor.

The Netherlands may be following suit in terms of all rules. At this stage, the exact amount of the deposit limit and whether it will be daily, weekly, or monthly is yet to be determined.

Player safety remains a top priority

The primary focus of all new regulatory changes within the Netherlands is focused on creating a safe and controlled gaming environment where players can enjoy secure gaming entertainment.

Currently, the government is studying three ideas of compulsory player limitations, which are Overarching Constraints, Strict Upper Limits, and Framing Behavioural Science.

The idea is to implement the limits without increasing the odds of a grey market space within the Netherlands gaming industry. This is one of the biggest risks the regulated industry could face when new limitations are imposed. Grey market sites are not bound to regulatory requirements and carry no player limitations.

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