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Play'n GO: Leading the way with a sustainable campaign and new technology

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Play'n GO leads the way to the future of land-based gaming with new digital technology and a sustainable green campaign.

Industry-leading Play’n GO launches OMNY - the future of land-based gaming. Once again, they lead the way in the new age of gaming entertainment with new digital technology and a sustainable Go Green campaign.

In a world that is changing fast, gaming needs to change too, and with OMNY, Play’n GO provides a modern digital experience in physical locations.

What is OMNY?

OMNY is a new in-house monitor that provides hundreds of Play'n GO games on one screen. Instead of playing casino games in-house on conventional slots, players can look forward to a live, cashless, and modern touch screen experience.

In addition, OMNY uses real-time data, giving gaming operators more control than ever before.

Wave goodbye to old bulky slot machines and welcome OMNY screens - built thin to suit every space! Play’n GO’s OMNY is a game changer in the gambling industry and paves the way for entirely cashless OMNY-channel entertainment.

Players can now choose where to enjoy their favourite Play’n GO games - on mobile, desktop, or OMNY screen.

Modern, cashless, instant and safe

OMNY screens are sleek in their design and balance form and function. In addition, digital technology allows for innovative ways to ensure player protection and advanced controls for anti-money laundering measures.

The new OMNY screens are cashless and create a sophisticated touchscreen gaming experience. In addition, it introduces a new way for players to enjoy modern Play'n GO content in land-based venues.

In a changing world, the gaming industry needs to change with it. That's why Play'n GO launched OMNY - a system provided to move us forward in the new age of gaming entertainment.

Go Green sustainability

Play'n GO is committed to providing sustainability by offering maximum entertainment with minimal environmental impact. The entertainment world plays its part in the bigger ecological picture as everything we do affects everyone else. This is why Play'n GO is serious about its Climate Pledge.

They aim higher than the Paris Climate Accords and want to be Climate Neutral by 2025 and Net Zero by 2030. Play'n GO has big ambitions and produces maximum entertainment with minimal impact with their GO Green campaign.

In this way, they want to ensure that the entertainment "buzz of the moment" can also be enjoyed in the long run.

“Offsetting will continue to be an essential part of our journey,” they pledge to continuously reduce direct and indirect emissions by changing their systems and strategies. They believe this will enable them to support projects that reduce emissions in the atmosphere and bring wider societal and development opportunities.

Expanding in new markets

Over the past 15 years, Play'n GO survived the tumultuous European regulatory requirements and is expanding to the USA. They were recently awarded their first license in Michigan, a significant step for this leading slot supplier.

Michigan is currently one of the world's most exciting online gaming markets in its own right. They plan to use this opportunity to launch into other regulated states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

"We don’t take shortcuts - we focus on building great games and think long term," says CEO and Co-Founder Johan Törnqvis. This is the thinking behind their digital-first model, OMNY, which is now implemented across all areas of their business.

Their focus is to find similarly-minded people in the US to expand upon their big plans in markets across the country. "I think it's fair to say there's never been a more exciting time to join Play'n GO," Johan adds.

To the US and beyond!

Play’n GO may be the market leader in Europe and one of the largest online slot suppliers in the world, but they are just getting started. They are committed to growing their presence in the USA by going beyond Michigan and already have a few other states in mind that have regulated casinos.

“We want Play’n GO content to become as beloved in the US as it already is in regulated markets worldwide,” says Johan Törnqvis, and we believe they are fast-tracked to achieve this dream.

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