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SiGMA sets to launch industry-first virtual expo for Europe

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SiGMA Europe is launching its first virtual expo for the online gambling industry in November 2020, offering engaging content and innovations.

In this high-tech world with evolving needs, the demand for evolution and change are high, especially after the events of 2020. While social distancing is a necessary reality, virtual landscapes provide the ideal alternative for social and professional engagement and are fast becoming the new norm in the way in which people connect.

SiGMA, the global leader in shows, events, and expos for the iGaming and online casinos industry, shows again that they are ahead of the game.

In a first for the company and the industry, SiGMA Group has proudly announced that it will launch the SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo on the 24th and 25th of November 2020.

This comes hot on the heels of the group’s successes at SiGMA Asia’s and SiGMA America’s digital conferences. This full expo is aiming to build on the previous hostings with new innovations and features added into the mix for the ultimate in industry engagement from the convenience of your office space or home.

What you can expect from the experience

The event is set to take place on a cutting edge, a custom-designed virtual platform aimed at interaction and engagement. The tools implemented on the site will allow all those attending to have a fully interactive visual experience of all on offer from the SiGMA and AIBC brands.

You can browse a state-of-the-art virtual expo floor, where the products and services of 150 big-name exhibitors will be on the show.

You can also take a seat at one of the various conferences where over 100 expert speakers will panel thought-provoking debates and discussions about all things pertinent to the online casino and betting industry. This provides a first-class environment for learning and growth and could possibly lead to great transformations and growth in the market.

The platform is set to host a sociable network lounge, where the 5000 attendees can connect for debates and more via innovative chat interfaces that allow for real-time interaction. Those seeking to play the hottest online casino games of 2020, will also be able to engage via the Entertainment Lounge, space created purely for gaming.

While it has proven almost impossible to connect people in one geographical environment of late, the latest tech once again sets new trends to provide the perfect platform for progression in the industry in the face of world events.

The founder of SiGMA, Eman Pulis, is excited about the growth and advancements of the group and had this to say:

“What started off in Malta as one single event back in 2014, has morphed into something bigger and more significant to the times of today. Following the huge success of SiGMA Asia and Americas Digital, we decided to end the year with a bang by elevating our online events even further.

We’re excited to provide a collaborative platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to bring the best digital experience for discussion, entertainment, and networking to the sector.”

Hot topics for discussion

Come primed to learn and engage, as the conference agenda will touch on a great variety of industry-related topics that speak to the current and future evolution of the market space. SiGMA will address:

  • All current updates and future expectations around online gambling regulation.
  • The modern reality of affiliation and online marketing within the context of the industry.
  • Discussions and information regarding the change in sports betting and payment solutions.
  • The emerging tech that is set to change the shape of the iGaming future.

Connect with CasinoWow

As a brand that is sold-out to keeping up the pace with technology and innovation, we at CasinoWow are proud to be a SiGMA partner. We hope to gain much-valued input into the future of tech for our industry so that we can be of more help to our budding iGaming players everywhere.

Be sure to register your place at the summit on SiGMA’s events page to book your place to be apart of this experience. It is set to go down in the annuls of the industry’s history, so don’t miss it!

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