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KSA cracks down on illegal bingo and lottery operators on Facebook

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The Dutch gambling regulator is cracking down on illegal operators as casinos prepare for new laws on 1 October 2021.

The casino industry is once again under the microscope as regulators have the responsibility to crack down on those who are breaking the law.

Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has issued a cease and desist order to operators that have been offering bingo and lottery games illegally.

Illegal operations on Facebook and Discord

Both operators, Luxury Bingo and BSB Shop, were operating via Facebook where they could reach a wide audience. No doubt the illegal operators thought that they could go unnoticed but the KSA has quickly put a stop to the operations.

“The KSA takes action against illegal games of chance; it is prohibited to offer a game of chance without a licence. Participants in illegal games of chance are not assured of a fair game, so the KSA, therefore, warns consumers against participating," commented a KSA representative.

After initially being ordered to cease operations, the Luxury Bingo Facebook page was removed from the social network. KSA originally only intended to warn Luxury Bingo but when they reopened operations, the regulator took action and has issued a fine. The fine will be €3,000 for every breach of regulations that takes place, up to €30,000.

Similarly, BSB Shop was also warned to halt operations but the business continued to offer commercial online lottery illegally via Discord - a closed group chatting platform. Due to this illegal operation, BSB Shop will be fined €7,000 for each breach of regulations up to €35,000.

The KSA is taking a firm stance on illegal operations ahead of the new Dutch gambling laws and regulations, and advertising changes that are set to launch in October. The regulator has promised that they will continue to crack down on illegal operations including "dipping" lotteries on social sites such as Facebook.

New laws for operators

As of the 1st of October 2021, operators will have new laws to follow and the KSA intends to uphold these new requirements strictly.

All providers who have a license from the Gaming Authority will have the right to offer games of chance to online players.

Along with the chance to offer Dutch games of chance to players, there are also new restrictions in place on advertising gambling to the public.

The new restrictions include:

  • Advertising online casino games on television and radio between 06:00 and 21:00 is prohibited.
  • Ads may not be misleading.
  • Approved advertisements will not encourage excessive gambling.
  • No ads will be allowed to target minors in any way - or any other vulnerable groups.
  • 'Role models' used in the ads must be appropriate. The KSA frowns upon using professional athletes or sports teams that may influence young people.

Every ad placed by a gambling organisation will be monitored by the KSA and decisions regarding ads that fail to meet the requirements will be final. Even the language, design and people appearing in the ads will be scrutinised to ensure that nothing is missed.

All of the protocols that must be followed by the KSA as the regulator and those who are creating the ads has been agreed to by those who apply for a license.

As new avenues open up for operators and players, rules and regulations must be followed to ensure that those who are at risk remain safe.

The KSA even keeps an eye on casino comparison sites to ensure that they are compliant. CasinoWow is fully compliant under these laws and will always only provide legal and safe gambling information to the public.

Published: September 19, 2021

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