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A look into the world of female gamblers

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Exploring the online gambling world of females, from the games they play to the reasons why.

For many years, gambling was a male-dominated field of entertainment. More recently, online casinos and sportsbooks have shifted to include females in their advertising focus groups.

The days of ladies only being at Bingo tables are long gone, with recent studies showing more females participating in other forms of gambling activities.

Online gambling among women

For many women, online gambling is a great way to participate in betting activity. The primary reasons for participation in online gambling include the fact that they can do so anonymously and in a safe environment. Some other motivators also include the option to play for free.

For some, there are feelings of shame and guilt when they participate in gambling activities, but this is only due to the stigma that has been placed on gambling as a hobby. It’s also why they prefer doing so anonymously and privately.

Reasons women gamble

You may be wondering what is the driving factor that makes women want to take part in online gambling.

For female gamblers, the most common reasons for their gambling habits include the excitement that comes with it. And the rush of anticipation as you await the outcome.

They also enjoy having an escape from their everyday lives, which are constantly filled with stress and disappointment. Gaming, in turn, becomes a way for them to enjoy a fun experience and block out the outside world.

On a darker note, some women turn to gambling as a refuge from dysfunctional relationships or domestic violence. For these women, gambling is a form of release away from the challenging physical or mental environment they find themselves in.

Most popular games among ladies

Land based bingo used to be the most popular or common form of gaming among women, but in recent years, the tables have turned, and other forms of gambling have also been favoured.


Online slots are the most popular among females as they are games of chance often featuring interesting themes, fun features, and big-win possibilities.

Some of the most popular online slots among female players include:

Cleopatra Slot, by IGT, is an Egyptian-themed game celebrating Cleopatra's reign, popular in casinos worldwide and playable on both desktop and mobile.

Mega Moolah, from Microgaming, is a safari-themed slot famous for its progressive jackpot, always paying at least €1 million.

Queen of the Crystal Rays, created by Crazy Tooth Studios and Microgaming, provides a magical adventure featuring stacked Wilds, reels that pay both ways, and a distinctive bonus round.


This game incorporates social elements and luck, which are always popular among players—both men and women. With online bingo, the ladies still have the opportunity to connect with others while playing from the comfort of their homes.

Lottery games

Females also enjoy a good lottery-style game like scratch cards and keno. These games make it onto their list of preferred options because the gameplay is straightforward, little to no strategy is required, and there is the chance to trigger a win instantly.

Impressive females in gaming

Slots and instant win games may be quite popular, but I don’t think tabletop games are excluded from their interest. There are some very skilled table games and high-stakes players. This includes Vanessa Selbst, an iconic poker player who enjoys high-stakes cash games. Over her career as a professional poker player, she made over $12 million in winnings.

There’s also Jennifer Harman, known for participating in high-stakes cash games. Harman was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2015 thanks to her skill and consistency.

Women have impacted the gaming world, and if you’re not sure just how they’ve done so, we recommend you to read our article on how women have made an impact on the world of iGaming. It is definitelly impressive.

Published: May 22, 2024

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