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Aristocrat Gaming sets Dune slot game release for 22 October

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Aristocrat Gaming squares the launch date of their Dune-themed slot game with the Hollywood release of the Dune film.

The Aussie-based company, Aristocrat Gaming, will launch their newest slot game, Dune, on the same day that the Hollywood Blockbuster film opens in cinemas. Dune enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the long-awaited sci-fi action movie from 22 October 2021.

“We are thrilled to have the privilege of releasing the Dune slot game alongside the feature film for the first time in company history,” said Jon Hanlin from Aristocrat Gaming.

The award-winning 1965 novel by Frank Herbert is the inspiration behind the movie and a series of video and PC games from the ’90s. With a gambling industry first, Aristocrat Gaming will claim another feather in their well-decorated hat by synchronizing the release of their Dune slot machine with the Hollywood film debut.

Arrakis meets Neptune

In an epic match-up, Aristocrat will launch the Dune slot game in land-based casinos on their high-tech Neptune Double cabinet. Patrons will experience a slot-game thrill in the state-of-the-art adjustable chair while having the viewing pleasure of the Neptune Double’s stacked curved 49-inch screens.

4K Graphics will enhance the visual experience, and players can remain seated in the adjustable chair while keeping an eye on the angled top screens that display progressive jackpots.

Jon Hanlin said, “Once players leave the movie theatre, they can continue the story and fun on casino floors nationwide.”

The Blockbuster feature film by Oscar-nominated Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Blade Runner 2049) will certainly add to the multitude of Dune fans worldwide. Aristocrat is placing a stake on fans looking to continue their journey on the Arrakis planet through the Dune slot game.

Dune slot game

Aristocrat’s developers capture the Dune theme perfectly, and the main character, Paul Atreides, portrayed by Timothée Chalamet in the 2021 movie, sits front and centre in the slot game. The surround-sound experience creates an immersive sci-fi setting, and spinners can enjoy sounds from the motion picture as they place their bets on the Neptune Double slot cabinet.

The premium visuals include other iconic sights from the movie such as the giant man-eating sandworms. Punters can look forward to having a chance to win the multi-site $500,000 progressive jackpot.

An epic theme coupled with new mechanics that increase the game variance, such as multiplier stacks, promises a riveting slot game experience. More bonus features to look forward to are free spins, and the frequent scatter triggers that increase your chance of winning.

Ryan Scott, VP of gaming at Aristocrat, compared the Dune slot game experience akin to an IMAX theatre. According to Scott, the feedback received is unbelievable, and he attributes this to the fact that the slot game has “great gameplay, sound, and feel to it”.

Dune, the slot game, is not the first TV & Film slot housed in Aristocrat’s library of casino slots. A Zorro-themed slot has long graced the floors of casinos, and a few years ago the company developed a slot game inspired by the movie Pompeii.

Both of these are now available online at Aristocrat casinos, and we wonder when punters will see the online version of the Dune slot. Online casino games have become extremely popular, and we can only hope that we don’t have to wait too long to enjoy the Dune online slot wherever we find ourselves.

Final thoughts

Aristocrat Gaming has a reputation for innovation and has more than half a century of experience in producing slot games. With a slogan like, “Bringing joy to life through the power of play”, one can only expect amazing releases from them.

We must admit that a high-definition experience of the sci-fi themed Dune slot game sounds like one not to be missed and we look forward to the launch. The rising popularity of online gambling will surely see this Aristocrat game in an online casino soon.

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