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HighRoller Casino gets ready for a high-profile upgrade

  • author icon by Stelly in Industry
  • calendar icon September 21, 2020 | Last updated: October 16, 2020
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Up to date: Highroller is live!

In the middle of October, Highroller launched the new and improved version of their online casino. The new changes are as good as promised and now we can all find it much easier to navigate through the website and enjoy the famous game titles. With the simple, yet better structure, you can easily start your great gambling experience. 

Highroller now doesn't offer gamification but focuses on the much-optimised web-experience.

Expectations of Highroller

Time flies by when you are having fun!” This is an old adage that certainly fits the subject of today’s article.

Just three years ago, Highroller casino was released for the European market, and now only a short while later, is ready to push the envelope on innovation and upgrade their offering already. This is the sign of an online casino that is set on matching customer expectations.

The famed Highroller casino is due for a make-over, with a brand-new site (on the same URL) launch expected for the end of September 2020.

This news comes with great anticipation as it comes from a casino that has dared to do it differently in the past. We can, therefore, all expect that the new experience will be just as pleasing to the current casino crowds.

Out with the old

Highroller Casino has been known for its quirkiness and gamification attributes. The ability for customers to create their own avatars and use in-game ‘coin’ currency was a much-adored feature and a part of the reason the casino attracted so many folks in the beginning. The colourful cartoony visuals created an individual and distinct persona for the site that is not found readily in the marketplace.

Of course, the game selection was on par with all the heavyweights in the industry, boasting titles from all the top game providers and offering the full haul of variations, including slots, table games, video poker, Live Casino games, and more.

But it seems that this sort of gaming experience has very quickly dated and Highroller has wasted no time in ensuring that the brand runs optimally for the sake of customer satisfaction.

In with the new at Highroller Casino

So, what’s changing you ask? Well, as far as we know – EVERYTHING!

While it is expected that the variety of games will stay intact, the way in which you search for them and filter through to your chosen title is set to change for the better. A fantastic search function is always welcomed with open arms!

Highroller has seen that the current trends for online and mobile gambling have changed in such a short period of time. The gaming public is looking for sleeker, more user-friendly sites to play on, so Highroller has obliged.

Everything from the comic book-theme to the coin collections will change as the operator seeks to sever anything that is unnecessarily ’busy’ from the brand. This means that the HighRoller.com experience will be simpler and more streamlined from now on. In essence, it will be cleaner and easier on the eyes of all who frequent its pages.

The new focus will be on the ease of navigation. Players want to spend time gambling; they don’t want to be clicking through needless pages and reading through endless words before getting in on the action. They are set to declutter and give players the one-click experience they are all dying for.

Of course, no site upgrade is worthwhile unless it will be on a new platform. The operator has promised that the new software will ensure the most seamless gameplay across all device platforms. So, expect an exit to any laggy situations. Of course, it will remain in keeping with the HTML5 instant browser format, so no pesky downloads or additional applications will be needed to load the games up.

High 5 to Highroller

Some companies take aeons to get the message and progress along with contemporary demands, but Highroller has shown their heart to stay on the cutting edge of development and are set to lead the way for trends in the online casino marketplace.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information on this exciting development at right here at CasinoWow!

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