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5 fascinating things you didn’t know about Australia’s pokies

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Here are five interesting facts you did not know about Australia’s beloved pokies, including the origin of the name.

Online gambling is a popular form of entertainment many people across the globe take part in.

Australia is one of the most interesting regions where you can lose yourself in different cultures and beautiful landscapes.

It is famous for its kangaroos, the beautiful Sydney Opera House, and of course, its love for pokies.

If you don't know what exactly they are, check out our full guide to Australian pokies. Here are five interesting things you did not know about them!

1. A record number of pokies

Australia boasts nearly 200,000 poker machines spread across the region. In fact, Australia is easily the country with the most gambling machines per person in the world. This of course excludes regions where the casino industry dominates, such as Macau and Monaco.

According to researchers, there is one machine for every 114 people in the country.

2. An annual losing spree

Australians playing pokies in clubs and hotels throughout 2013 and 2014 lost about A$11 billion on the gaming machines. According to the numbers, this boils down to about A$700 in losses per adult per year.

The belief is that Australians not only bet more per year but lose more too, especially when playing poker machines. The figures also show that about 30% of these avid players have the chance of becoming 'at risk' players. Statistics show it is entirely possible to lose A$1,500 within an hour when playing pokies at the maximum bet size and speed.

3. A name for multiple games

The term 'Pokies' can be used in reference to slot machines or video poker machines when in Australia. Australian's love their abbreviations and nicknames, and pokies describe both slots and poker machines.

Pokies were first used for video poker and poker games. As the popularity of slot machines grew, the term became popular to use on these games. The term essentially refers to any electronic game.

4. Ignorance is bliss

The law of each country is different and while many regions punish those who do not follow the laws, there is a loophole for Australians.

According to sources, ignorance can be an excuse when caught promoting service with an Australian customer link. As such, many get away with first-time offences without any repercussions.

5. Higher risk of problem gambling

In 2010, the number of problem gamblers was about 115,000 according to the Productivity Commission. Around 40% of their losses came from playing pokies. The belief is that almost 30% of people playing pokies are at risk of becoming problem gamblers.

It has become such a severe problem that pokies are no longer available outside of casinos and reduced maximum bet limits have been put in place. Players must also set up a maximum limit before they can start playing. In the regions where access to pokies is limited the numbers of problem gamblers is significantly less.

Controlled entertainment

It is easy to lose yourself in the moment when playing your favourite pokie.

The Australian Gaming Commission is doing everything possible to decrease the harm of gameplay. There are ample tools, resources, and tips available to enjoy high-quality pokies more responsible.

As a player, you should always take advantages of the sources provided and set some personal restrictions. New technological advancements make it possible to enjoy more enhanced, immersive games.

It is important to stay on top of the game while losing yourself in the excitement of it all. Winners know when to quit.

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