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Social platforms, social casino apps, and responsible gambling growing pains

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Social platforms struggle with their defence in court battles as the clap back on in-game purchases becomes heavier.

The largest social media platforms have each had their day in court with social casino-related issues. It might be time to consider a different approach in the problem regions.

For Google, Apple, and Facebook, especially with regards to social casino apps, there’s a lot to consider.

The CDA is not an acceptable defence

Apple, Facebook, and Google are seeing their day in court with consumers using the social media platforms for their role in the alleged ‘illegal social casino enterprise’. While a previous court case allowed for the Section 230 Communications Decency Act (CDA) defence.

This time, the defence is being opposed, stating that it does not extend to those who facilitate illegal transactions for a fee. Even if those transactions run through third-party consent.

The main argument is that the CDA does not shield defendants from claims seeking to recover the value of illegal online chip sails. While the case is ongoing, the public platforms are fighting the charges as they are not directly linked to the transactions. The argument is that they have a responsibility in terms of the tools available on their apps.

With responsible gambling being a top priority for the industry and community, these platforms should be making the necessary tools available to curb possible addiction and implement preventative measures.

The social casino industry is growing swiftly, which is troublesome, primarily if it is accessed in regions where the laws are not in its favour. Today you get social casino slot apps and great social casinos allowing for top-quality entertainment. However, strict regions have not yet attempted to implement legislation on social casinos. Some regions may never implement legislation due to the possibly addictive nature of these games.

Strict states

Social casinos and regular online casinos are still considered illegal in many states. These states are rigorous in terms of laws surrounding gambling. In these states, strict regulations are in place to protect consumers, specifically due to the addictive nature of the industry.

The current legal case states that many have lost thousands of dollars to social games. This is considered worse because there is no reward other than the ability to prolong your game time.

In the meantime, the companies that facilitate these purchases via Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Facebook App Centre are cashing in.

Protecting consumers

Strict regulations are in place to protect users from developing potential problems. They are also there to protect minors from getting addicted to games that can build gambling tendencies.

Social casinos and social gaming opportunities give users a feel for gambling, which means that stricter regions will probably never opt to legalise popular social casinos or games.

When it comes to large social platforms like Google, Apple, and Facebook, there are plenty of social games that anyone can download, including minors. It’s this easy accessibility that has landed these industry giants in hot water multiple times. Especially when it comes to games allowing for in-game purchases that are addictive in nature.

Why are games so addictive?

It’s interesting that there is such a general variety of games and that only some games have the potential to turn addictive. So, what makes a game addictive?

The reality is that there are different underlying factors used to make a game alluring or rather addictive. It pulls you in and makes you want to keep coming back for more.

If you’re curious to find out more about the elements that awaken addiction, you can read The Psychology Behind Gambling Addiction for more information.

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