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Top 5 casino-themed board games to spice up an evening at home

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Are you looking to get off the internet and play fun board games? Try these top 5 casino-themed creations on for size!

If you need a break from the wagering and winning experience of playing at online casinos, we have exactly what you need. Looking to spend some time playing fun board games with your friends and family instead?

Take a look at these top 5 casino-themed board games and spice up your night in with a little extra fun. Put on your game face and get ready to be crowned the king of the board game!

1. Monopoly: Las Vegas Edition

There’s nothing more competitive than Monopoly. Haul out the box on family game night, and you know it’s about to get intense. With so many different versions of the game on the market, you can add a little casino flair by playing the Las Vegas Edition!

Monopoly has never looked better, and the Las Vegas Edition takes you to the Vegas Strip, where it’s your chance to be a casino tycoon.


GEMJI is one of the most unique board games in the world right now. Designed with magnetic tiles, the aim of the game is that there is no aim – you can create any game that you desire. You can play alone, with a loved one, or turn your home into a GEMJI hub of competitive fun and involve as many people as you like.

The game creators have provided a number of different possible games to enjoy, but the beauty of GEMJI is that if you want it to be casino-themed, that’s possible. Create your own game, use the tiles as chips, and aim to be the ultimate winner with the largest stack.

3. Lords of Vegas

In Lords of Vegas, you’re a property developer and a casino boss. Here you’ll aim to purchase land, but you’ll earn points along the way based on in-game interactions. It’s up to you to control Las Vegas and collect the most points.

Control the best casinos, rule Vegas with an iron fist, and build your empire into one that will be envied by all. The game is played with dice, player markers, scoring chips, and “cash”. You’ll also have property and player cards to consider.

4. Mega Bucks

Developed in Australia by game lovers who couldn’t get enough of playing Monopoly, Mega Bucks is set on a circular game board. The board is filled with businesses, including casinos. The aim of the game is to control as many of these companies as possible by landing on ‘chairs’ to purchase a part of the business. The economy affects the cost of the ‘chairs’; while business owners charge rent, income tax must be paid, and ‘chairs’ can even be sold off.

Rather than playing until someone flips the game board and accuses another player of cheating, Mega Bucks ends after 90 minutes. Whoever has the largest net worth is the Mega Bucks winner.

5. Casino Yahtzee

Best described as a game that combines the suspense of gambling with the strategy of Yahtzee, this version of the popular board game is a challenge. It’s also a lot of fun as players roll the dice to land numbers on a section of the fold-out board.

You’ll need to use your chips to cover numbers on the board before you. When you roll the dice, you aim to land the numbers you’ve “bet” on. Rows of numbers provide the largest wins, and this is where you’ll need to be strategic to be crowned the Casino Yahtzee champion!

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Published: March 24, 2023

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