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Gambling from your car – the future of mobile casino games

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Whether by plane, train or car, infotainment is becoming the future of mobile casino games – and it’s proving to be very exciting!

Casinos, slots, and the world of online gambling is no stranger to constantly being on the move.

Innovation, staying ahead of the times, and always looking for new ways to improve is part of it's very DNA.

From the very first slot machine, created in 1894, the creators of casino games knew that there would always be a better way to play (and hopefully win).

As slot machines evolved, and then with the introduction of online casinos, playing became more than just another way to pass the time - it became a thriving industry.

Online casinos and more

The first online casino popped up in 2004 after Microgaming decided to tackle a whole new market. In reality, it was the start of something much larger than just adapting standard casino games for the online world.

Many years later, online casinos are thriving and online slots are some of the most popular forms of gambling ever created.

While the love for online slots grows each day, table games still have their place in the world and players flock to different casinos to try their luck and test their skills.

Once again, stopping at online casinos wasn't enough. Software providers are always looking to push the envelope and create a new experience for players to enjoy. But what did that mean for the world of gambling?

Of course, no one can see into the future but as the rise of the mobile device started to set in, it was clear what would be on the cards for the gambling world.

The rise of the mobile device

We all know that mobile phones are more than just a way to phone a friend, but rather, they've become ways in which we communicate and connect with the world. For better or for worse.

The mobile market is only a couple of decades-old but the technological leaps and bounds have been astonishing. Starting with the large brick-like contraptions that could barely hold a signal, to the sleek devices we have today are worlds apart.

Whether or not the creators of the first mobile phone ever saw them becoming what they are today, these handheld pieces of tech are indispensable to everyday life.

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Streaming
  • YouTube
  • Social media
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Banking
  • And much, much more...

These are all ways in which our mobile devices connect us to strangers, to loved ones, and to the things that we enjoy doing.

That's why it's no surprise, as the mobile market started to flourish, so did the idea of creating mobile casino games that would later become the most popular way to gamble online!

Mobile casino games - The beginning

When searching for the first very mobile casino game, you'll be hard-pressed to find an exact answer. It's hard to say who first took the plunge but it seems a small gaming developer launched mobile-based casino software in 2005.

Not long thereafter other software providers decided to try their hand at entering the market. For the most part, this software catered to games such as bingo, poker, and slots.

The most popular early mobile casino game was known as Pub Fruity, a basic 3x3 slot that ran using Java. This made the game slow and a little unstable but it included fun mini-games and the chance to win jackpots!

Unfortunately, the one real downfall to attempting to play these early mobile casino games was that technology was still catching up. Mobile devices weren't quite powerful enough to run these games efficiently and you often had to download an app to have access to them. This used precious storage space that many didn't easily want to part with. Add to that the unstable internet connections many early mobile phones had and playing could be more of a pain than a pleasure.

It didn't take long for mobile device creators such as Apple and Samsung to realise that more powerful models were needed. Not just for gaming but for everyday tasks.

As Android and iOS devices entered the market, there was also the opportunity for casino apps to be downloaded directly from the trusted app stores. In 2008, when the Apple App Store first launched, there were a limited number of games available - one of them being Texas Hold'em. Sold at $4,99, this casino game shot to the top of the most popular list.

Not too many years later, both Apple and Android decided to ban casino games and casino apps from their stores. This meant that access to these games became hard but not impossible to enjoy.

Unlike Apple, Android users are able to download apps directly from websites. Online casinos started offering their mobile experiences directly to players but it definitely impacted how they interacted with mobile casino games.

The evolution of mobile casino games

Fast forward only a couple of years and the entire landscape of mobile casinos changed for the better. Smartphones introduced stable internet connections, enhanced graphics, and eventually HTML5.

A coding language that changed how we use our mobile browsers, HTML5 was definitely a game-changer for the online casino industry.

No longer were software providers tied down to creating games that had to run in an app. Instead, online casino games could be adapted to suit mobile screens!

Software providers such as Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt used HTML5 to its full capacity, creating games that would blow casino users away. Games such as Castle Builder, an online slot that merged the world of casino games and role-playing games, shook the industry.

Suddenly, casino games were truly accessible from anywhere and at any time. Spinning the reels of an online slot while standing at the bank, hoping for a Mega Moolah win while at the doctor, or simply just sitting on your couch was possible.

The convenience of being able to play whenever your heart desired meant that mobile casinos and the games they offered, skyrocketed! Very soon, mobile casino games were ranking at the top of the most-played awards categories, where they've stayed ever since.

The future for mobile casino games

Bigger and better are the keywords for mobile game creators and the future is looking bright! While mobile devices get more advanced and allow for even better gambling experiences, software providers are looking to a whole new medium.

Having already tackled the concept of AI and 3D mobile casino games, the ability to offer people a chance to play from wherever they may be is what software providers have in mind.

Infotainment is the buzzword for the mobile gambling industry and it could prove to be one of the most "futuristic" ways to play.

High-end vehicles currently on the road all offer in-car systems that allow you to connect to the internet. These connections to the world may seem unnecessary to some but they're becoming a new trend among casino software providers.

Using apps such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and other in-car applications, you can connect to your favourite online casinos. Or download specific casino apps to your car's interface. This means you can play from the comfort of your vehicle - but only once you've come to a stop, of course. Safety first!

This way of playing casino games will be especially interesting once self-driving cars become more popular. As you sit and play while the vehicle does the driving, you could find yourself striking a lucky win as you wait for your trip to come to an end.

Other instances where infotainment may come into play is on flights, in hotel rooms, or on yachts! Having a dedicated playing space that doesn't drain your mobile battery or require you to connect via your data is what innovation is all about.

While we don't see playing in your car or from a plane becoming as popular as mobile casino games already are, it's exciting to think of what may be coming up next for the world of mobile gambling!

If you're keen to experience a mobile casino for yourself, you can visit any of our top-rated casinos. Whether you're playing from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, these online casinos will provide high-end entertainment with exciting gaming opportunities in an instant.

Published: December 25, 2020

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