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Play at High Roller Casino with top gamification features

  • author icon by Kally in Industry
  • calendar icon June 26, 2020 | Last updated: October 16, 2020
  • calendar icon 5 min read
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Highroller now with a new design! Since Highroller upgraded its brand players can no longer enjoy gamification. However, the following article can still be useful if you want to know more about gamification! 

The online casino industry is a budding business globally. Everything in life seems to be going digital, so it is no surprise that adult gaming entertainment would find success in this arena too. The level of competition is very high, though, paving the way for the necessity for ‘out of the box’ thinking when it comes to player retention.

Bonuses and promotions have been the drawcard at casinos since online gambling started in the 1990s, but even this type of offering has become dated and mundane for many.

For this reason, many innovative casinos have turned to gamification technology concepts to stay on the cutting edge of development and maintain an advantage when it comes to customer retention.


While the term ‘gamification’ may be a new one to some of you, there is a good chance that you have experienced it somewhere in life, especially if you play video games.

At online casinos, it is a relatively new trend, where rather than offering normal loyalty programs to players, casinos are offering a role-playing game experience. Here, your level up experience at the casino is mission/quest-based and follows a back story.

While progressing through the various levels on the platform, you will usually be treated to rewards, trophies, badges or similar paraphernalia. Of course, in keeping the loyalty bonus tradition, as you advance through the back story by playing games, you will be treated to better perks as a player.

High Roller Casino Personalisation

High Roller Casino has a great reputation for fun gaming. They have implemented a whole new animated universe for you to explore while offering you the opportunity to personalise your virtual persona.

Your mission is to travel the Metrocity districts in search of prizes and rewards while earning coins for all your betting. But, before you set out, you will be able to design your own cartoony avatar to suit your personality. This will become your representative on the site. This unique character can also level-up as he/she traverses the streets, styling up in great fashion. The virtual world offered comes with a cutting-edge animated interface, where explosions will catch you off guard, pigeons will appear on the screen, candy will become your delight and so much more.

While progression is a personal experience, competition does exist between players. If you are hungry for points, you can set up strategic stings on other players to loot their coins and spend it in the in-game store on spins and freebies. Beware though, revenge is sweet and could come knocking on your virtual door to steal your coin collection too!

Enjoy fun interactions while following your progress bar and stocking your trophy cabinet, as you fulfil tasks and work your way to total domination of the Metro!


Gamification and personalisation tactics are the trends of the future. More and more top online casinos are moving this way. In an industry where new experiences are in demand, this concept surely has the upper-hand on traditional ideology.

As more and more Millenials are coming of age, it is expected that the video gaming mentality will shine through as they seek out casino entertainment.

Escape to Metrocity with High Roller Casino via our CasinoWow portal and claim an exclusive High Roller Welcome Offers on arrival to add to your gaming experience!

| Last updated: October 16, 2020

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