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The online casino industry is exploring social trends

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Playtech releases Buffalo Blitz Live, first Live Slots hybrid. The need for social engagement shifts iGaming focus to social trends.

The online casino industry is constantly changing and adapting according to the wants and needs of players. The industry has grown massively over the past few years with new and innovative games created, casinos adopting gamification features, and much more.

For many millennials, the popularity of slots has had no impact as some believe these games are boring. This is a generation that has grown up playing multi-player video games, living in a highly connected world with tons of choices in regards to entertainment.

They are used to sharing their stories, photos, posts, games and experiences with others in real-time.

Gaming alone no more

The online casino industry has been dubbed a space for solitary entertainment which doesn’t appeal to the younger generation. The great thing is that the industry is constantly evolving and looking at ways to adapt to what the market wants and needs. This includes adding social elements, sharing options and other exciting features that create a more sociable experience.

In the most recent research events, the industry has looked at a variety of elements of what makes video games and other social products so popular among players.

Live Casino has been the closest to providing that real casino feel and authentic social engagement players crave. Popular live casino games include several show games like Dream Catcher, Crazy Time and Monopoly Live.

Things are quickly changing as the industry is moving towards a more social, multi-player form. The interest in e-sports betting keeps growing, especially thanks to streamers who play, review and on occasion offer exclusive bonuses.

A new era for players

Playtech has opted for something completely different by combining live casino with a popular slot game. The brand-new Buffalo Blitz Live slot could be the start of a whole new gaming category in live casino games and online gambling.

Buffalo Blitz is among the most popular Playtech slot games and now it has hit live casino tables. It’s a community-style live casino game hosted by a real dealer where an unlimited number of players can join in on the fun!

Buffalo Blitz is the first in a series of Live Slots that will be released by Playtech. The game enables you to place bets manually with a live dealer that will be hosting the game. The Live Dealer will offer engagement and commentary but can also hit the manual spin button upon request. This latest game release enables players to enjoy a mix of live and classic slot entertainment, introducing a new style of gaming.

With the added social elements, it could be a completely new way to enjoy slot games in the future. Especially since it enables players to chat with the dealer and other players via the big chat display.

The future of online casinos

The latest online casino games and products are putting a focus on multi-layers and the community. With the top priority being to create more engagement and social interaction.

The current pandemic has highlighted the importance of social engagement and interaction no matter what platform it is on.

For the online casino industry, the social element is one of the very few missing pieces to the puzzle. The flurry of casino tournaments has already shifted the market and shown the effort put into adding social options for players.

Tons of inspiration can be gained from video games especially in creating tournaments and games. The house can essentially become an organiser of games and tournaments allowing players to go up against one another, individually or in teams.

The lack of a social element is merely an opportunity to innovate and create more. Soon there could be more game-changing releases like the Buffalo Blitz live slot to change the landscape of the industry forever.

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