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11 mind-blowing facts about gambling you probably didn't know

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Learn something new with these mind-blowing facts about the world of online gambling and beyond.

It has already been almost 3 decades since online casinos have been around, and a lot has changed since the industry welcomed players for the first time.

Before gambling went online, playing games of chance in many different forms was available for hundreds of years. Gambling has always been an entertaining way to pass the time, and it's only gotten better.

Fact's you didn't know about gambling

If you're new to the industry, here are a few facts about gambling that may blow you away. Hold on to your seat and get ready to learn something new.

We've prepared a full list of interesting facts about gambling, see if you knew them before:

  1. You can play with cryptocurrencies at Bitcoin casinos

    Online casinos have been a hit for many years now, but with the rise of cryptocurrencies, online gameplay is more popular than ever. Bitcoin casinos are booming, and more players are opting to spend their mined and traded crypto while enjoying the best online slots, table games, and live dealer titles.
  2. Playing online slots for free is an easy way to experience casino games

    One of the best features of the online gambling industry is that you can play slots for free at many sites. Here at CasinoWow, we have an entire section of free slots for you to explore, featuring some of the best software providers in the world. You'll find new slots, classic titles, and so much more – all for FREE. No deposit or purchase is required.
  3. Millions of people play at online casinos every year

    You may not ever consider just how many people play online every day, but according to Statista, the number is growing in massive leaps. It's predicted that by 2027, the number of online casino users will be 265,60 million.
  4. Playing online is safer than visiting a land-based casino

    Thanks to the wide range of security software, regulations, and third-party audits that online casinos have to pass, playing online is far safer than travelling to your nearest brick-and-mortar casino. While land-based casinos are fairly safe, the same level of security isn't found.
  5. Jackpots and bet limits are much higher when playing online

    Online casinos provide much higher betting limits thanks to the range of games they offer. There are also progressive jackpots that can climb to staggering numbers by growing with every bet placed by players from around the world.
  6. Some regions limit how much people can deposit and how they play

    Not all gameplay is a free-for-all. Some regions, such as the UK, limit how much players can deposit into their online casino accounts. The UKGC has also banned certain slot features, such as autoplay, to ensure customers have more bankroll control.
  7. Betting on sports has never been more popular

    While sports betting at bars has always been a hit, online sportsbooks are more popular than ever. As new regions welcome sports betting, new players are enjoying the ability to wager on their favourite teams.
  8. VR gambling could very soon be a reality

    Thanks to the rise of gambling in the Metaverse and the many innovations that have been growing over the years, it seems that VR gambling could soon be a reality. There are already a handful of VR casino games, but it may soon be the norm to grab your VR headset when you play popular online slots.
  9. You can find more than 9000 games at top online casinos

    Casinos such as Videoslots have made it their mission to feature as many games as possible, with the number of titles growing to well over 9000. New slots, table games and live dealer creations are released every week, providing more entertainment regularly.
  10. Online gambling may be a little too accessible

    All forms of entertainment have their pitfalls, and unfortunately, it seems that the accessibility of playing online could be the biggest issue. A recent survey saw 71% of respondents state that gambling has harmed their family life. Thanks to how easy it is to visit an online casino and make a deposit, it could add to problem gambling in the long run. In case you also feel like you need some support with this issue, find more information and tips in our responsible gambling guide.
  11. A Mega Moolah jackpot winner is in the Guinness World Records

    In 2018, the Mega Moolah online slot paid out a staggering $20,062,600 jackpot to Jon Heywood, a solider from the UK. The win was so impressive that it still holds the Guinness World Record title of "largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game".

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