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Ireland: Online casino trends of tomorrow

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Take a look at some of the top trends expected to flourish in the Irish online casino industry in the next few years.

In iGaming, there’s never a dull moment with new developments and enhancements being made to push the industry forward.

Ireland is one of the more recent regions to push forth their online gaming platforms, and it’s already a popular choice among players.

With the Irish gaming industry growing in popularity, here are some of the most popular casino trends we see in the country’s iGaming future.

Live casinos

In the past, regular slots and games were all the rage. But as time went on, players have been looking for something more immersive to play at home. In the last few years, online casinos in Ireland have launched and become immensely popular among players across the globe.

With live casinos and games, you get to enjoy a more personal and authentic casino experience whether you play on a desktop or mobile. With the speed of the internet and advancements in communication, the popularity of live casinos in Ireland is only expected to grow.

Live slot games

When it comes to online casino games, there is never a dull moment, thanks to the innovation of industry-leading software providers. Since 2020, the popularity of live games has increased. If you’ve always enjoyed live casino action playing your favourite table games, then slots are next in line.

Like live table games, with live slot games, you get a more immersive experience. This type of game plays on all your senses providing a more lifelike slot adventure.

Daily & weekly jackpots

Instead of just having progressive slots to rely on for the chance to win big payouts, there is an increase in daily and weekly prize pots. With these progressive prize pots, you get to play a range of the most popular and beloved slots and games the casino has to offer. And if lady luck is on your side, there is a chance you can trigger a massive progressive payout.

With the daily jackpots, you get to play slots that guarantee a big payout every day. Granted, the prize pool is not as massive as the regular progressives, but it’s a decent payout that gets players excited to try their luck every day.

Thematic slots

It’s no secret that online slots are the most popular of all games in online casinos. Players can enjoy a variety of different themed games from all software providers. With so many games in Ireland, there are often differences in quality, and it can also be confusing for newer players who enter the industry for the first time.

One trend we’re seeing is an increase in interest in themed slot games. This includes slots themed around the most popular films, people, tv series, or even events.

Players tend to flock toward things that are familiar to them, and themed slots provide that familiarity while at the same time bringing something new to the table.

Cryptocurrency and casinos

Another big trend in the industry is cryptocurrency and the increased use thereof in online casinos. More and more online casinos are making allowance for the use of cryptocurrency as a method to fund casino gameplay.

Cryptocurrency has heaps of benefits which include anonymity and additional safety that comes with making payments. It’s part of the reason it is becoming more popular among players every day. According to the trend forecast, the use of cryptocurrency in online casinos will only skyrocket from here on out.


Gone are the days of straightforward spin-and-win games. Players are looking for more than just your average betting experience. And this is where the trend of gamification comes in.

Online casinos now create a more immersive casino experience where you can enjoy completing missions and competing in battles. Your participation leads to additional benefits and rewards at the casino while ensuring you remain interactive with the casino.

Stay up to date and play at top online casinos

While there is currently no regulator in place, the country expects a regulator to step in very soon. If you want to know more about the gambling regulations in Ireland, you can read our helpful guide "Ireland - online gambling regulations".

There is a great variety of secure online casinos available to Irish online casino players where you can enjoy the latest and upcoming trends, as well as getting the best casino bonuses for Irish players.

Published: October 30, 2022

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