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Bulgarian and German gambling ad regulatory changes

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A call for laws protecting German sports sponsorships and a gambling ad ban in Bulgari. Stay updated with CasinoWow.

Gambling is a highly entertaining activity, but it can also come with a wide variety of problems, which is why the industry is heavily regulated, with legislation constantly updating to increase player safety.

As a player in an online casino, it is always better to stay informed about the latest changes and additions to gambling laws.

Some of the most recent regulatory changes occurred in Germany and Bulgaria, focusing primarily on advertising bans.

A call for change in Germany

Earlier this month, the proposed ban on sports sponsorship in Germany was rejected during a public meeting of the sports committee of the national parliament, the German Bundestag.

It appears that funding provided by German sports sponsorship is one of the biggest reasons for the rejection.

According to the managing director of the Association of Sports Sponsorship Providers, Inka Müller-Schmäh, there should be a legal framework covering and supporting sports sponsorships.

Müller-Schmäh states that it is important that sports sponsorships stay intact no matter what form of sports or broadcasting takes place.

The operators in Germany are banned from advertising online or via television between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. They are also banned from using sports influencers or personalities and have restrictions on using sports clips in their advertising.

According to the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV), these are extremely strict additions to Germany's online gambling restrictions.

Advertisements have been banned in various regions, including the Netherlands, since 2023. Read more in our article on stricter penalties for Netherlands iGaming operators.

Germany's big concern is that a 2023 study by the University of Leipzig indicates that only 50.7% of bettors are betting via legal online operators, while the rest may be turning towards black market betting. The strict regulations may impact the bettor’s decision to wager on unregulated platforms.

Bulgaria bans gambling advertisements

Other gambling advertisement-related regulatory changes took place in Bulgaria when President Rumen Radev gave the go-ahead on the new amendments to the Bulgarian online gambling regulations. The latest amendments took effect on May 17th and included a ban on gambling advertisements.

It was no light decision, as President Radev held back and waited for input from his advisors before making the call. With the new amendments, gambling advertisements can no longer be seen on television, radio, websites, or newspapers.

One exclusion is the Bulgarian sports totalizer and its announcements, which are still allowed. During the 49th National Assembly, it was revealed that most deputies gave the gambling advertisement ban the go-ahead.

The new amendments are not approved by all, as many stakeholders, media outlets, sports clubs, and gambling operators are against them.

They believe the ban should’ve been open for public discussion before it was enacted.

The new bill made its way quickly through the legislative process, which is slightly odd considering that a similar proposal by the Revival party was rejected earlier in April. The proposal was denied via votes of the GERB, PS, and the coalition party ‘We Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria’.

Why gambling ads are considered bad

There are many reasons that gambling advertisements are frowned upon. Some of the most common reasons include its social impact and the normalisation of gambling. This can lead to increased gambling behaviour, which may turn into problem gambling for some or even crime and addiction for others.

It can have a very negative social impact on finances, relationships and mental health. Hence why, various regions are choosing to ban or limit gambling ads entirely.

Published: May 31, 2024

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