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New Dutch online gambling laws could lead to more problems than solutions

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Dutch affiliates are concerned about new online gambling laws. The Dutch government plans to ban "untargeted" online gambling ads in 2023, which may seriously impact the affiliates sector.

At the beginning of 2023, the Dutch government plans to ban "untargeted" online gambling advertising. In addition, this new regulation will include a ban on printed, broadcasted, and internet advertising. However, the industry has expressed concerns about the latest online gambling laws in the Netherlands and how they might seriously impact the affiliates sector.

There is no certainty in the online gambling industry, and implementing more restrictions can have a negative impact.

Operators can only speculate how this will affect affiliation in the new year and are concerned that players may return to unregulated online casinos or Dutch land-based casinos instead.

Smaller affiliates may be excluded

Regulators will have to impose stricter measures with the looming changes in online gambling regulations, which may encourage a growing black market. In addition, the ban on advertising options may result in the exclusion of more minor affiliates, as the operators must ensure all affiliates abide by the rules.

It is already challenging for new affiliates to establish their brands in the Netherlands, and with newly imposed restrictions, affiliation may be excluded moving forward. As a result, online operators with low retention will be absorbed by established brands, and smaller Dutch online casinos may not be able to survive the new gambling regulations in the Netherlands.

Affiliation is an essential factor in the gambling industry in the Netherlands. Many operators have just launched, and numerous new licenses have been issued.

However, many new online casinos are battling as it is, and banning printed, broadcasted, and online gambling advertising may be the determining factor that pulls the plug.

No more grey areas

Historically there may have been grey areas in the market, but with these tightening regulations, there will be no more room for rule bending. Should legislation come into effect, however, this could lead to more problems than solutions. It could potentially spark a growth in the black market when this new legislation comes into effect.

Casino websites working with affiliates will have to verify the age of every visitor before allowing access to ensure they aren’t vulnerable. It is contended by some that implementing these measures will not be easy and could even make the affiliate sector unworkable.

The challenges ahead

At this point, it is still unclear what exactly is implied by "untargeted." More clarity is needed to predict the unavoidable challenges in the new year.

One thing is sure - banning print, broadcasting, and internet advertising will severely impact the industry and could open doors to unregulated offshore operators.

Operators need to advertise to operate successfully, and if you ban these three vital advertising mediums, there are limited options left to educate the gambling population.

Inevitably, it could lead players to gamble at unregulated casinos, which will significantly affect the gambling industry in the Netherlands.

Operators must abide by regulatory requirements, and stricter measures should mean safer gambling for the population.

The problem, however, is that with the ban on advertisement comes the limitations on providing reviews on casino gambling sites. As a result, the Dutch gambling community will not receive guidance as they currently receive via printed media and may fall prey to gambling irregularities and scams.

What’s next in the Netherlands?

"I don't have a crystal ball," says Frank de Woerd, co-founder of CasinoNieuws, "but if you ask me for a prediction, I would say that affiliation will be growing more important for the operators in the Netherlands."

He further comments that the Dutch market's early leaders and established brands may not lose market share, but it will undoubtedly be challenging for new and smaller operators.

"It will be interesting to see what happens and where the shift will happen," de Woerd comments. "The bigger reliable affiliates will remain and get more power with all these newly implemented regulations."

Published: August 30, 2022

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