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The debate about Credit Payments at Swedish online casinos and what it means for players

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Swedish gambling authority, Spelinspektionen, clarifies its existing legislation on credit card payments and what constitutes paying with credit.

The Swedish gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, recently felt the need to remind their license holders of its stipulations regarding credit card payments. Their online casino providers also received clarity on what constitutes “paying with credit” and why it is against the Inspectorate’s duty of care.

The Inspectorate strictly regulates Swedish online casinos to ensure compliance with its responsible gambling guidelines.

Sweden saw more online gambling limitations implemented with COVID hitting economies worldwide. We can only wonder what kind of impact stricter payment rules will have on the Swedish gambling community.

We have seen Norway control payments by implementing their 2010 Act of Payment, which caused severe unhappiness with their players and providers. Such restrictive gambling laws may or may not cause similar reactions in Sweden’s gambling industry.

For the sake of clarity

According to the Swedish Gambling Act, players may not pay for gambling, except when playing the lottery, through a credit card or funds from a loan. The Swedish Regulator explains that regardless of this, some online casinos “inform about and sometimes also link to companies that only offer credits as a payment alternative,” and this may not happen.

It seems like the grey area that sounded the alarm came from alternative payment methods like e-wallets that only offer credit card funds.

They warned operators against accepting mobile payments where the mobile subscription providers add the cost to the monthly invoice, as this also constitutes a credit payment.

A statement from the Swedish Regulator noted:

“The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate, therefore, considers that it is not compatible with the duty of care that licensees contribute or encourage players to borrow money to maintain their gambling.

Licensees may therefore not inform or link to companies that only offer payment options in the form of credits, on websites where games about money are provided.”

Why so serious?

Responsible gambling is at the heart of the Swedish Gambling Act and the regulator has tight reins on their licensees to ensure they achieve their Duty of Care. Swedish casinos must walk the line to obtain an operating license and they are closely monitored to ensure continued compliance.

Payment solutions offered may not lead to a potential negative impact on players’ lives, finances, or their relatives. Learn more about Swedish Online Gambling regulations in our guide.

“Gambling on credit can be linked to excessive gambling and can have major negative consequences for individuals,” a statement from the Inspectorate read.

The gambling regulator reminded Swedish Casinos of Section 1, Chapter 14 of the 2018 Gambling Act, which provides guidelines on credit gambling.

They wish to ensure that gambling platforms take all measures necessary to provide a safe and secure gambling experience, minimising risk to players. They also pointed licensees to Section 1, Chapter 3, which necessitates operators to limit any negative consequences, as gambling with debt may lead to problematic gambling.

Accepted payment methods

With credit card payments being outlawed Swedish players need to know what are safe and accepted payment methods. CasinoWow has your back, once again, and we suggest the following accepted means of payment. Zimpler, a payment solution company founded in Sweden, is one way to make and receive payments at online casinos.

When playing online casino games we can also suggest payment methods using your debit cards like VISA, direct deposits, and electronic funds transfers which are all popular payment methods. Neteller, Paysafe, and prepaid cards from EcoPayz are alternative and safe ways to make deposits too.

Swedish punters can rest assured that they still have many options when it comes to gambling online.

Published: October 3, 2021

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