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The future of skill games at online casinos - the grow of iGaming

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Casino players are looking for the next big thing. Could games that revolve around skill to win be it? Read to find out.

The online casino industry is constantly growing and evolving with casino games being the centre point of attraction.

Software developers are working daily to create bigger and better games that will entertain not just regular players but attract new players too.

When you take a look at the modern era you will see daily innovation with new generation Xbox, PlayStation and even Mobile casinos being on the rise.

Many software developers believe that creating skill games on par with video games will lure in millennials and younger (of legal age) players to online casinos.

Is it plausible?

One of the big questions is whether or not these skill games will attract players the way regular online casinos games do.

When taking a look at online slots you will find these games have become a global phenomenon played by many across the world. There are no real-money skill games available with the main reason being the low house edge caused by professional players.

You will find that there are many free apps and casino sites that enable you to play skill games for fun. These games enable you to win the point and score big on the leaderboards.

What are skill games?

These are gambling games where the big win factor is based on your ability to play the game. Much like with video games, your wins are results determined by your skills.

This allows game developers, suppliers and operators to create a variety of paybacks based on your results. Thus, the better your achievements, the higher your rewards. It's a well-known fact that these types of games have become something many players have been looking for but it's not clear if real-money variants of these games will become part of real-money casinos in the future.

With the traditional casino games, especially slot games, you don't need any skills as 'luck' and a random number generator determines results.

Like with any other skill-based game, it is seen that one could easily rake in big wins when perfecting your skills and strategy. Of course, there will be a house edge in place despite the skill-based variable. This is to ensure that the house doesn't go completely bankrupt against professional players.

Skill-based games released to attract new players

Space Invaders & Danger Arena

These games are some of the most popular games that provide some nostalgia and come in video game format too. It was thus some of the easiest games to add and games played by many instantly capturing attention.

The games are available in a touch screen and push-button mode and at different bet levels. Again, these are skill-based games. Thus, the skill displayed throughout your gameplay will determine the amount you win.

These games are being put to the test to see if players are reacting to skill-based games and if real-money skill games have a place in the casino industry.

The future of skill-based games

The online casino industry has changed quite a lot with new and innovative games hitting the market almost weekly. Software developers have been toying with interesting features and skill-based assets.

For anyone not used to the idea of skill games, it might seem like an unfair system. Skill games don't operate like traditional games. These games are not aware of the amount you bet, they operate on your skill and strategy. Thus, your skill determines your outcome rather than your bet amount.

For many traditional players, the idea of having to add or learn some skill in order to win is quite daunting. Hence why this hasn't quite caught on in real-money online casinos - yet.

For online casino operators attempting to catch the eye of gamblers, there's hope as software developers are toying with variants of real-money skill games. They could just be the shake up the gambling world needs to provide a fun new way to play.

Published: January 4, 2021

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