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Autoplay and reverse withdrawals ban for Swedish players

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Sweden’s regulator, Spelinspektionen, tightens reigns with a new ban on Autoplay and reverse withdrawals.

The online gaming industry is changing every day with a dedicated focus on more secure and responsible gambling. Sweden is one of the latest regions where the regulator is adding more restrictions to increase player safety.

With the new rules, Spelinspektionen will be banning both Autoplay and reverse withdrawals from Swedish online casinos.

No more Autoplay

Spelinspektionen has been making changes to its responsible gambling regulations, which cover a wide range of areas.

One of the top focus points is banning the Autoplay feature in online slot games. If you’re unfamiliar with this feature, it is a function that enables you to take 10 or more automated spins on the slot you’re playing.

It seems Sweden is following the lead of other top regulators in the world who have previously banned this feature. It follows in the footsteps of the UK, Belgium, and Ontario, where regulators like the UKGC have implemented various new rules, such as the ban on Autoplay.

Another interesting development is the reverse withdrawals ban which will ensure users can no longer cancel withdrawals before funds are credited to their account. Thus, any withdrawals are final.

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New rules in place

A major reason for these new ban rules is to minimise problem gambling, as Autoplay and reverse withdrawals tend to coincide with problem gambling.

The regulatory authority is aware that these new changes might not be as pleasing to players and has requested that online casino operators share the news on these changes before they are implemented.

Another responsible gambling rule the Swedish gaming authority has set in motion is to prevent operators from providing players with suggestions on what their deposit, loss, or time limit should be.

According to the new set of gambling regulations in Sweden, any player that is logged in but inactive for more than 2 minutes needs to be logged out or provided with an option to log out or keep playing.

Furthermore, there will be an expansion of employee training requirements in terms of responsible gambling matters. The training has to cover a larger range of topics, including the impact of harmful gambling on loved ones.

The reason behind the new changes

Spelinspektionen says that the main purpose of these proposed changes is to strengthen player protection at casinos while also simplifying the licensee’s work in terms of gambling responsibility.

The players must be able to communicate with operators directly and have access to the Spelpaus self-exclusion scheme via the website.

Another big change or requirement is that operators are expected to disclose information on any players that make deposits of more than SEK10,000 (£813/€929/$928) per month.

On top of that, operators will also need to provide information on players who have reached their deposit or time limits throughout the month. And give feedback on the total number of players that have returned from self-exclusion.

Big changes for Sweden

Only time will tell if the new marketing rules and other restrictions will be approved as Sweden’s new government has taken the throne. According to Gustaf Hoffstedt, the secretary general of the Swedish trade association Branschföreningen för Onlinespel (BOS), the change in government is something they warmly welcome.

According to Hoffstedt, the new reigning party has been a supporter of various market-friendly changes, which includes breaking up the monopoly of State-owned Svenska Spel and letting go of the reins in terms of the heavy bonus limitations.

With new authority and new rules in play, only time will reveal the impact on online gaming, operators, and players.

Published: October 4, 2022

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