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UK Gambling Commission under APBGG scrutiny

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The APBGG is calling on the UK Gambling Commission to pull up its socks in terms of performance.

The online casino industry relies on reputable gaming authorities to protect players and online casino operators. The UK Gambling Commission is among the top authorities in the industry but appears to have fallen from grace.

The gaming authority is under direct scrutiny from the APBGG due to several complaints from operators.

UKGC under investigation

The APBGG started its investigation in September 2021 due to a high number of complaints against the gaming authority.

The APBGG has an anonymous platform in place where operators can submit their complaints. According to the group, they received several submissions which led to the inquiry launch on the UK Gambling Commission.

The group started its investigation on the Commission's performance in September 2021 and released its report on 24 January 2022. In the report, the APBGG is stating that the UK Gambling Commission is incompetent and in desperate need of a shape-up.

Based on the condemning evidence, it has become clear that the UK Gambling Commission is in desperate need of change. The changes should be implemented sooner rather than later to ensure players stick with regulated gambling operators rather than moving over to black-market options.

According to the APBGG, the regulator might be overreaching. This statement stems from the fact that Covid-19 restrictions were put in place after lockdowns were lifted. It deems these actions from the UK Gambling Commission as excessive, inconsistent, and disproportionate.

Another concerning factor is that the regulator is deemed guilty of breaches of GDPR. Evidence reveals that it has gone against its Statement of Principles and does not perform its statutory duty of permitting gambling.

Many of the UK Gambling Commissions' flaws are shown in our UKGC review. But on top of these, the APBGG listed many contributing factors that display incompetency. This includes long time frames for license applications along with administration errors, leading to application rejection.

There has also been a complaint submitted stating the Commission once acted so outrageously that they consider a Judicial Review.

APBGG co-chair, Scott Benton MP, states that it is shocking to reveal so much evidence of bad practice from the UK Gambling Commission over the last few years. Benton also exclaims that ignoring the contents of the report would be the downfall of the regulated iGaming industry and a new start for black market operators.

According to a number of operators that have lodged complaints, it was concerning to not have anywhere they could complain apart from the Commission itself. It is also clear that the Commission has not adhered to government reviews and reports.

Improvements necessary

There is a call to action from the APBGG urging the commission to take charge and improve their internal operations.

One key factor, according to the APBGG, is for the commission to decide if their core duty is to reduce the number of problem gamblers. If it is, then they should come up with a strategy, meetable targets, and scientific evidence of its approach to the matter of responsible gambling.

Based on the report, there is a need for an impact assessment to see how these measures will affect the financial position of the iGaming industry and if they will encourage the growth of unregulated gaming. The primary focus is the concrete analysis of implementation along with results.

The APBGG is on the warpath and the UK Gambling Commission is the target. The group is calling for assessments by the Better Regulation Executive and the Queen's Counsel. The DCMS is also urged to take over the complaints process as the industry currently fears speaking out.

As for changes to the 2005 Gambling Act, the APBGG is asking for differentiation between high and low-risk operators. With restrictions on products based on the potential harm, they may cause.

And finally, the APBGG believes that the commission must change its culture and strategic direction to change things for the better.

Published: February 6, 2022

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