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Safety first with CasinoWow and SiGMA

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CasinoWow and SiGMA strive to keep the online gambling space safe, secure, and exciting for all gamblers. Keep reading to find out more.

CasinoWow and SiGMA have joined in collaboration for the sake of online gambling users globally. Now, more than ever is it important for the gambling community to come together to shield the playing public from any potential threats in the digital market space.

We are seeing an increasing trend in cybercrime, particularly in the gambling market, which highlights the need for discernment when it comes to which online casino sites are trustworthy and safe to play at.

Recent attacks

Just recently, a Californian tribal casino was hacked, compromising many customer details, but that is just the latest in a series of breaches. Two casinos from the TLC Casino Enterprise faced a similar attack this year and last year MGM Resorts was the victim of a massive breach that potentially compromised around 10 million customers’ personal data.

This all highlights the need for increased security and awareness in the industry in this regard. It is vital that players be guided along their gambling journey to keep them safe. This is where CasinoWow comes in!

The CasinoWow courtesy

At CasinoWow we are sold out to providing you, our customer base, with the best all-round online casino experience possible. Our vision is regulated and safer online gambling worldwide and we work daily towards providing the most accurate news and information at our website and social media platforms.

We have special teams dedicated to constantly checking the regulation changes in order to always be up-to-date with the gambling industry.

We leverage our extensive experience in the iGaming industry to stride ahead and pave the way to safe and fair gambling.

How we do this:

  • Casino Checks: We do all the leg work for you by investigating and then double-checking all the information and the credentials of the various online casino operators before we promote their services on our website. We know what questions to ask and what information to look for. It’s for this reason that you can rest-easy in choosing any of our top casino picks.
  • We write casino reviews on most of our operators and we do not take payment from any of the casinos for doing this, which guarantees you the unbiased truth when you read about their services, game offers, bonus options, security protocols, customer services, and more.
  • Provider Checks: There are plenty of game providers on the planet, but not all of them provide seamless gameplay integration. Our service to you includes providing insight into the industry’s best gaming studios so that you can stick with the best software out there and never have to settle for second fiddle.
  • Casino Games: We test and play all of the top online slots, table games, and more before we promote them on our site. This is why you will find a long list of game reviews in our library. You can learn about the gameplay experience from professionals who know what to look for, which means you are ready to play before you wager on the first round. We also provide trustworthy guides on how to play the games safely, with tips and strategy geared to keep you safe.
  • Responsible Gaming: Responsible Gaming is the only way. The protection of vulnerable and under-aged players is a priority to us. We do everything in our power to communicate this message to our players. In fact, you can read up on how to gamble responsibly in our WOW guides section and use the information to better manage your gameplay and conform it to responsible practices.

With CasinoWow’s broad-based industry knowledge, there are few places that can comprehensively package the regulated market place better for you.

Partnering with leaders

We know that we need a trusted partner to keep you safe, so we have joined forces with industry leaders to help us accomplish this task. SiGMA is the leading expo, show, and conference group in the iGaming industry. Together, we are able to reach a far greater market for the benefit of safe and responsible gambling.

These types of initiatives should bring you comfort, knowing that there are reputable companies out there looking out for your well-being as a digital gambler.

Published: November 8, 2020

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Article by Stelly

CasinoWow Contributor

Hey there! I am Stelly, and happily, I'm part of CasinoWow's content team. It excites me to be able to write and share with all gambling enthusiasts unbiased reviews and news that contribute to the gambling community and industry. Thankfully, I also have the chance to help you make an informed choice for casino brands and games, as well as provide interesting guides and news.

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