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How data science keeps online gambling fun and safe

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Data Science might just be the perfect solution to keeping players entertained in a safe and secure way.

Given the vast numbers of players, transaction, various regulations and myriad other variables involved in a single day of online gambling it has become crystal clear that no single group of people could ever manage the industry and effectively protect its patrons from gambling harms.

This is where companies like Sigma Software come into play, with their expertise in data science they have used available player data to create smart, measurable and effective safer gambling strategies.

Using data for safer gambling

All licensed gambling companies world-wide have been educated on the necessity of promoting safer gambling to their patrons and working with regulators and other bodies have formulated tools and advice on how to do so. Promoting safe gambling might seem simple but it’s a task that requires a lot of commitment, resources and assets.

These include making customer data available for review while not contravening data protection laws, abiding by strict AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations and ensuring all KYC (know your customer) processes are followed correctly despite the constant influx of new customers.

To be truly useful a player profile needs to be more than just their name and banking information. It needs to incorporate spending patterns, game type and feature preferences, gameplay habits such as time of day and duration of a session, only when combined this helps to create a complete player profile.

Sigma Software provides gambling sites with Data Analytics solutions which enables them to use their rich vaults of player data in order to protect them and provide safe gambling.

With data science you can:

1. Determine the root of the problem

With Data Science online gambling operators can find patterns in the behaviour of troubled players. Through the vast data sets, operators have the opportunity to seek out the dependencies that lead to risky behaviour no matter how subtle or hidden it may be to the casual observer.

2. Imposing safeguards for at-risk players

By finding the indicators of problem gaming it is possible to build intelligent systems that utilise data science-based predictive modelling to safeguard the player. Thus, these systems will be able to detect whenever a player is showing any risky behaviour and take proactive steps, such as imposing time or financial limitations, in order to stop an episode of unsafe gambling before it occurs.

3. Game Designs that prevent harm

With Data Science and modern-day technology, it is possible to produce innovative software that embeds warning systems and risk controls as part of the design of a casino game. These smart-games will allow players, even more, control over their actions and help them take control of their behaviours.

4. Making Smarter Customer Care a Reality

Data Science technology allows for the collection of data relating to the time, money and total lifetime credits spent on gambling. This all-round reporting tool makes it possible for online operators to understand what leads to risky behaviours in individuals and groups, allowing them to implement intelligent game design and provide around the clock reports, tools and customer care that is aimed at supporting the player at their point of need.

Proponents of Data Science driven responsible gambling campaigns to claim to have seen up 3x improvements in player outreach and the management of compulsive behaviours.

The importance of responsible gambling

Regardless of the activity, there is always the chance that someone who enjoys it will become addicted to it, this is true of eating, drinking, exercising, collecting, and gambling. Thankfully, we have the technology to help operators and regulators protect youth and at-risk players from being silently swept away by compulsive behaviours.

It is important for players to feel safe and protected when entering an online casino, as casino games come with the allure of big wins but that should never lead to problem gambling. The use of data science might just be the answer to remove risks and keep players enjoying games as purely a leisure activity.

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