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Ozan Casinos

Ozan is a digital wallet (similar to an e-wallet) designed to service the European market. It operates from the convenience of a mobile phone app, to provide fast and efficient ‘on the go’ service satisfaction, for free.

In this one wallet, you can pay and withdrawal from your casino account via the digital wallet in real-time speed and store the information of all other payment solutions that you may have, including but not limited to your personal banking details and your credit card information.

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Who is Ozan?

Ozan is named after its co-founder, Dr Ozan Ozerk, who is a Norwegian doctor and entrepreneur. The concept of Ozan was created when Dr Ozerk turned his attention toward the FinTech industry, whereby the goal was to produce a state of the digital art wallet to streamline online payments in European countries, predominantly.

Ozan has since become authorized through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a verified E-money business.

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