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Best Online Jackpot Slot Games

One of the most prominent game styles in video and classic slot form is the Progressive Network Slot Games, commonly known as ‘Jackpot Slots’. This form of the slot game is extremely popular among both land-based and online slot-based players, because of the potential offered of landing massive top prizes often worth millions.

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Play Jackpot Slots for Free or Real Money

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Play Wolf Gold online slot game

Wolf Gold

Pragmatic Play

Wolf Gold

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released26/11/2019
  • RTP96.01%
  • Jackpot1000x bet
  • FeaturesFree Spins
  • Volatilitymedium

Gemini Joker

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released26/05/2022
  • RTP95.61%
  • Jackpot1700x bet
  • Features3D Slots
  • Volatilityhigh

Joker Millions

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released01/04/2015
  • RTP94.3%
  • JackpotProgressive
  • FeaturesSticky Wilds
  • Volatilitymedium

Monopoly Big Spin

  • Type Jackpot Slots
  • Released08/09/2020
  • RTP88.66 - 95.75%
  • Jackpot5,000x bet
  • FeaturesFree Spins
  • Volatilityhigh
Play 5 Lions Gold online slot

5 Lions Gold

Pragmatic Play

5 Lions Gold

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released27/05/2019
  • RTP96.50%
  • Jackpot7,000x bet
  • FeaturesStacked Wilds
  • Volatilitymedium
Play Monkey Warrior online slot

Monkey Warrior

Pragmatic Play

Monkey Warrior

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released15/06/2019
  • RTP96.50%
  • Jackpot6,000x bet
  • FeaturesFree Spins
  • Volatilitymedium
Play Buffalo online slot game




  • Type Video Slots
  • Released05/05/2008
  • RTP94.85%
  • Jackpot7600x bet / Progressive
  • FeaturesFree Spins
  • Volatilitylow

88 Fortunes

  • Type Video Slots
  • Released23/10/2016
  • RTP96%
  • JackpotProgressive
  • FeaturesFree Spins
  • Volatilitymedium

Mega Joker

  • Type Jackpot Slots
  • Released01/10/2013
  • RTP99%
  • JackpotProgressive
  • FeaturesBonus Rounds
  • Volatilityhigh

Top Five Casinos with Jackpot Slots

To enjoy your favourite jackpot slots with amazing winning opportunities try your luck at these selected online casinos offering the biggest progressive jackpots! We've picked the top 5 casino brands where you can play for real money!

Affiliate Disclosure: We at CasinoWow, want to ensure that you will find only licensed and regulated online casinos reviewed or recommended by our experts. However, our content has affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission payment when a player registers or deposits at a chosen online casino. This is at no additional cost to you and should not affect your gambling preference for a casino.

Useful Game Guides

Don't miss out on the chance to learn more about your casino experience online! We are all about playing responsibly and being well-informed before taking chances while gambling online. That's why we've selected these game guides for you!

More about Jackpot Slots

Amid some of the more popular game styles, we find two main divisions of slots, namely, classic slots and video slots, into which you can divide all of the various genres, themes and styles of slot games available for play online.

If you go to a brick and mortar casino, you will usually see certain groups of slots gathered together with a large colourful display showing a massive accumulating figure over the top of those selected machines.

Here, all the grouped machines are a part of the same network and contribute to the climbing total. Not only this, but you will find that the same machines on other casino floors around the country/world will all be linked to the same pot, each machine adding to the massive prize as the reels are spun. So, if any of those machines hit the jackpot, the amount will be reset to a lower figure across the network.

The same method and principle are followed through to the online casino world. Often progressive jackpots are linked to all games or groups of games within the same network, so each wager spent on those games around the world will add to the accumulating total available to be won.

A classic example of such a network of games is the MARVEL branded slots from Playtech. Whether you are playing Iron Man 3, Incredible Hulk or Wolverine, or any other MARVEL slot linked to a progressive jackpot, each player across the world will add to the win with their wagers and could at any moment win the entire pot.

Common features of Jackpot Slots

Though the themes and genres may differ from Jackpot slot to Jackpot slot, the nature of the game behind the scenes may be very similar. Some of the common features found behind progressive network jackpot slot games include:

Lower Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

The laws of supply and demand operate as well within the online gambling industry as they do in any other capitalistic market. Progressive Jackpots are extremely popular and draw multitudes of players, as many people are found awestruck by the possibility of potentially winning a life-changing amount of money.

It would be very expensive if casinos had to pay out these types of jackpots too regularly though, so certain mathematical adjustments are made to alter the frequency of the pay-outs. These two combining factors usually lead to Jackpot Slots having lower RTPs than other standard slots. Often the return to the player over the lifetime of a slot machine is around the 85% to 90% mark, whereas other standard slots may average at 95% to 97% RTP.

Higher Variance

Progressive slots tend to have a longer arc between high payouts. Sometimes, hundreds of thousands of spins must occur before the jackpot is won. For this reason, patience is needed in order to take anything home from these machines.

Multiple Currency

Because progressive jackpot networks extend across the world, these top prizes often convert over to different currencies and will often display in the currency you have selected to play in. The value remains the same, but you will find that the figure in Euros, for example, will not be the same figure reflected in Norwegian Krone.

Multiple Progressive Jackpots

In the online gaming industry, there are a large number of Jackpot games that offer more than one progressive win in a single game. Often, there will be three wins up for grabs, usually marked as a minor, intermediate and major jackpot. These smaller wins are available to those who do not play the maximum bet, in order to encourage players of all spending levels to enjoy a flutter.

Tips to help you in your quest for the Progressive Jackpot

You can start by reading our Progressive Jackpot guide and learn more about some tips and tricks on how to win the jackpot.

No Guarantees

Firstly, do not pay any attention to strategies that promise you results in slot play, as it is impossible to guess when a slot will payout, as most reputable games providers manage their slot games with a random number generator (RNG). This ensures that all wins are allocated randomly, without warning or premeditation from any party.

The way you play has no bearing on the machine and cannot manipulate the programming into paying out.


Manage your betting well. You must prepare for a marathon of play on these highly volatile machines, which means that you probably will not be able to play the maximum bet all the time.

The only problem with this is that you generally need to be betting the maximum bet to win the max jackpot on offer. We, therefore, advise you to scale your bet up and down every 50 or so spins. This way, you have a chance of possibly landing the jackpot on a high bet, rather than a low one.

Responsible Bankroll Management

Be strict on yourself. Set a gaming budget and stick to it. If you make some decent wins, separate those wins from your spending budget and be controlled enough not to eat into the wins. Once the spending budget is finished, leave the game to ensure that you can spin another day.

Looking for the perfect Jackpot Slot?

We, at CasinoWow, have done a tremendous amount of legwork for you the player and have subcategorised some of the best Jackpot Slots on the market onto one list for you. Read a review or two before you choose your game but be assured that the games on our list come from reputable providers and are available through some top of the market casino operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Jackpot Slot?

A Jackpot Slot is a Slot that has a prize pot that can be won by triggering a specific set of symbols or wilds on a single payline. Progressive Jackpots are amongst the most popular as the prize pot is contributed to by a network of players around the globe. These Progressive Slots have huge payouts often creating instant millionaires.

How often are Slot jackpots won?

Progressive jackpots are awarded daily at online casinos around the globe. These jackpots can often offer millions of Euros as a top prize. To increase your chances of winning, you need to know what to play and where to play it. See our progressive jackpot guide to learn more.

Can I play Jackpot Slots for Real Money online?

Yes, you can, head over to the CasinoWow casino reviews to find a top-rated online casino that will meet your needs.

What are the most popular Jackpot Slots?

The Mega Moolah Slot by Microgaming and the Mega Fortune Slot by NetEnt are the two most popular Progressive Jackpot Slots at online casinos. Both these Slots have records for the biggest payouts and have made many millionaires over the years.

What's the biggest jackpot I can win on Jackpot Slots online?

The Mega Moolah Slot by Microgaming currently holds the Guinness World Records title for the largest jackpot payout in an Online Slot at a staggering €17,880,900. Mega Fortune by NetEnt is not far behind at €17,861,813.

Can I play Jackpot Slots for free?

Yes, most providers allow you to play their progressive jackpot demo Slots, however, some providers like Microgaming do not allow demo play. CasinoWow is your best source for free Slots, try your favourite Progressive Slots with no registration or download required.

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