Betsson Sport enters Italy with Francesco Totti

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May 24, 2024

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The world of sports is expanding, with sports betting slowly but surely seeping into every region.

To prove that exact point, the industry giant Betsson is entering the Italian market with a bang and an impressive ambassador.

It was recently revealed that Betsson Sport will launch in Italy with Francesco Totti as its ambassador.

Entering Italy in style

Francesco Totti and football excellence go hand in hand in Italy. This makes the former footballer the ideal ambassador for in Italy.

The star was dedicated to Italy playing only for Roma and the national team. Totti remains a legend on the field and is considered one of the most creative playmakers who could cover any position from midfielder to forward.

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Betsson, owner of Betsafe Casino, is a well-established brand that is available in regions across the globe. In March 2024, Betsson Group announced the launch of its flagship brand, Betsson in Italy. With this strategic move, the brand moves forward with its expansion into new markets. While simultaneously cementing its commitment to turning Betsson into a preeminent global brand in the sports industry.

The site is expected to be a captivating platform featuring a diverse portfolio and a wide range of sports betting offerings. It features markets for different sports activities and caters to online casino gameplay enthusiasts. It will feature a range of online slots, table games, and live casino variants.

Betsson has been doing quite well in terms of its geographic expansion, especially across Latin America. This is thanks to some of the notable sponsorships here. The brand is a main sponsor for three of the biggest football clubs, which include Boca Juniors and Racing Club in Argentina, as well as Atlético Nacional in Colombia.

With the launch of Betsson in Italy, the group shows its dedication to brand elevation and expansion. It is increasing its geographic footprint, with benefits coming from its diverse marketing initiatives and global sponsorships.

The Betsson group is no stranger to the Italian market, considering it has been operating successfully in the region for over a decade with its StarCasino brand. With the addition of the Betsson platform, the group will continue to operate StarCasino alongside it.

StarCasino.Sport in Italy is already a recognised brand known for its support of numerous football clubs. Alson aligned with the Italian gambling regulations

StarCasino.Sport Italy supports:

  • SSC Napoli
  • Torino FC
  • U.S. Sassuolo
  • FC Palermo
  • AS Roma
  • ACR Messina
  • S.S. Juve Stabia
  • Italy’s Serie B

Betsson Group Chief Commercial Officer Ronni Hartvig says that Italy has grown significantly important to Betsson and that they believe this is the opportune moment for introducing the flagship brand.

Through this, they consolidate their operations under the unified Betsson brand and aim to harness the scalability power. This, in combination with their market experience in the region, will work well in positioning the brand as a leader in the Italian sports betting industry. Your info hub

The new Italian platform will provide access to everything from exclusive sports content to content on less familiar leagues, allowing visitors to expand their horizons.

The infotainment platform enters the region with Italian football legend Francesco Totti as its ambassador. Visitors can access exclusive content, including interviews, sports highlights, and other news. The brand will focus on positioning itself as the go-to destination for sports enthusiasts across the region.

In response to the reveal of his ambassadorship, Totti exclaimed that he is thrilled to be part of the project as it aligns perfectly with his daily commitment to sharing his passion for sports. He continued that provides a wonderful opportunity to unify various sports clubs and helps them realise their full potential.

Aside from the content offering, will also introduce the Betsson Sport Club initiative, inviting teams to join and gain visibility alongside other participating teams.

The sports club initiative is open to clubs from the most prominent and lesser-known leagues. It’s perfect for gaining exposure and increasing club visibility.

Betsson Group CCO Ronni Hartvig also spoke, stating that Italy is significantly important to Betsson and that they are ecstatic to be partnering with Francesco Totti. The CCO says that Betsson believes that his story and experiences will assist in making Betsson Sports Club even better and promote their core values of fair play, inclusion, and passion.

The Betsson is a brand committed to innovation and collaboration. Its recent partnership announcement is a great example of this commitment. Betsson enters a new era with a series of dynamic initiatives strategically planned to strengthen the bond between Italy, sports, and Betsson.

From strength to strength

Betsson posted its record results for the 2023 financial year, showing its focus is working. Some figures that stand out are revenue rising 22% to €948.2 million and EBITDA 52% to €262.7 million. The operating income was €210.5 million, up 60% year-on-year with an increased margin of 22.2%.

Throughout 2023, Betsson has also secured new licenses for several European markets, including an online casino license in Serbia and a sports betting license in France.

We can’t forget its planned entry into the Netherlands with the €27.5 million acquisition of Holland Gaming Technology.

In 2024, Betsson clearly plans to continue its global expansion, with Latin America as one of its primary focuses. Aside from Argentina and Colombia, Betsson is also looking to enter Peru once the market becomes regulated.

Of course, expansion plans come with a range of challenges, but according to the group, these challenges are part of the experience. Considering the problems experienced during the Argentina licensing procedure, they’ve built up a tolerance and have learned how to navigate the stressful process successfully.

Betsson is confident about its expansion into newly regulated markets and strengthening its bonds with established markets, such as the launch of its flagship brand in Italy, where they’ve already built up years of experience. The expansion of its sports brands comes just in time, as the 2024 European Championships will kick off in June and might boost traffic on the platform.

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