“Special One” no more: The final whistle for Mourinho at Roma

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February 6, 2024

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Roma and Jose Mourinho: A partnership no more

The football world witnessed a seismic shift as sports news announced a sixth career dismissal for Jose Mourinho. Associazione Sportiva Roma (AC Roma) bid him farewell, ending a managerial journey that unravelled in Italy after a disappointing 2023-24 season and a critical defeat against AC Milan.

What's next for this professional football manager and former player? Did the "Special One" lose his touch? Fans and experts alike can only speculate as they are all left contemplating.

Let's uncover the complicated factors that led to the end of his tenure, including financial challenges, performance struggles, disciplinary issues, and the aftermath of constant referee blaming. We'll also discuss Roma's official statement and the potential successors in the Stadio Olimpico “hot seat”. For our finale, we'll shock you with the staggering amount Mourinho has earned just from being laid off by clubs in his career.

The untangling of Mourinho’s Roma reign

The clash between Roma and AC Milan was more than just a football match; it was a litmus test for Mourinho's managerial expertise.

The outcome, a narrow defeat for Roma, triggered a cascade of events leading to Mourinho's abrupt departure. AC Roma's season had been tainted by setbacks, with a frustrating Coppa Italia exit at the hands of arch-rivals Lazio setting the tone.

The tipping point arrived with a 3-1 defeat to AC Milan, marking their seventh loss in 20 Serie A games, plunging them to the ninth spot in the league standings - the loss seemed inevitable. Additionally, the 60-year-old was ill-disciplined, received numerous touchline bans, and publicly criticised referee Anthony Taylor after the ill-fated Europa League Final.

Mourinho's arrival in May 2021 initially sparked excitement at AS Roma, delivering their first continental silverware in 60 years with the Europa Conference League triumph. He was promoted from assistant manager at Benfica in September 2000, but after 23 years as a top-tier manager, the Mourinho magic seemed to have faded away.

Financial Struggles: When Business Meets Football

Former Roma and England manager Fabio Capello didn't mince words when criticising the handling of Mourinho's dismissal by the club's president, Dan Fredkin, and his son Ryan.

Capello pointed fingers at American owners, stating via Sky Sports,

"I think American owners generally work without respecting the people they collaborate with. We saw it in Milan with Maldini and today in Trigoria with Mourinahou. There is no sensitivity on their part, but only business."

Roma's financial woes played a pivotal role in this narrative. With Mourinho's status as the second-highest-paid manager in the league and reported club losses of €188.4 million combined with signing expensive veterans as free agents, Roma implemented spending restrictions due to escalated costs.

Expectations were high, with the American billionaire owners anticipating Champions League football to boost revenue through prize money and commercial deals. However, Roma finished sixth in Mourinho's first two seasons, deviating from the financial trajectory the owners envisioned.

The Official Verdict: Mourinho Dismissed With Immediate Effect

Following the AC Milan defeat, Roma owners Dan and Ryan Friedkin wasted no time making a decisive move. In their official statement, the Friedkin duo confirmed Mourinho's dismissal and acknowledged Mourinho's passion and efforts during his tenure. Despite the recent downturn, the owners expressed gratitude for Mourinho's role in securing continental silverware and leading Roma to the Europa League final in 2022-23.

"We will always have great memories of his tenure at Roma, but we believe that an immediate change is in the best interests of the club,” said the Friedkin owners.

Sources close to the club suggest that the decision was not solely based on the result of the match but rather a culmination of on-field struggles, internal discord, and a misalignment of visions. Roma's management, known for its ambitious goals, seemed to have a different trajectory in mind, prompting the parting of ways with Mourinho. The decision left Mourinho's legacy at Roma "hanging" between triumphs and recent tribulations.

Mourinho’s legacy: A loved figure amidst departure

Unlike Mourinho's tumultuous exits from clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea, his departure from Roma doesn't involve a loss of the dressing room or a disgruntled fan base. The Portuguese manager remains widely loved by the Roma supporters, contributing to a unique circumstance surrounding his exit.

In the age of social media, news travels at lightning speed, and Mourinho's dismissal was no exception. Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms flooded with many reactions. Memes poking fun at Mourinho's departure, heartfelt messages from fans expressing disappointment, and a barrage of opinions from football pundits created a virtual whirlwind of emotions.

The polarising nature of Mourinho ensured that the online discourse remained intense. While some celebrated the end of what they perceived as a tumultuous era, others lamented the departure of a manager who had brought glory to clubs across Europe.

The successor: De Rossi appointed

Amidst Mourinho's departure, former Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi emerged as the frontrunner to take charge at the Stadio Olimpico. Roma confirmed his appointment and signed a contract that expires at the end of the season.

"I would like to thank the Friedkin family for entrusting me with the responsibility of Roma's head coach role," De Rossi stated. "From my side, I know no other way but dedication, daily sacrifices, and giving everything I have in order to face the challenges that await us from now until the end of the season. The excitement of being able to sit on our bench is indescribable. Everyone knows what Roma means to me.

"However, the work that awaits us all has already taken precedence. We have no time or choice but to be competitive, fight for our goals, and try to achieve them, which are the only priorities my staff and I have set for ourselves.”

De Rossi's appointment adds a touch of nostalgia and continuity to Roma's managerial landscape.

It pays to be sacked (for the sixth time)

According to Liam Morgan, Mourinho's managerial exits have earned him a colossal £80 million. Chelsea contributed over £26 million alone to this staggering figure. This fortune starkly contrasts with Antonio Conte's £37 million career earnings. As Mourinho's Roma contract was due to expire in June 2024, we expect a modest £3 million payout.

Here's how other managerial payouts compare:

● Antonio Conte (Mourinhos’ bitter rival) - £37 million (up to 2018)
● Luis Felipe Scolari - £13.6 million (2009)
● Thomas Tuchel - £13 million (2022)
● Laurent Blanc - £17 million (2017)

The road ahead: Mourinho's uncertain future

With the AS Roma chapter closing, Mourinho now embarks on the quest for his next managerial challenge, and speculations about his next destination are rife. The possibilities abound, from coaching roles in Saudi Arabia to a potential return to Chelsea or Real Madrid.

The once "Special One" finds himself at a crossroads, seeking to redefine his managerial legacy in the ever-evolving Italian football world.

One thing remains certain: Jose Mourinho, a name synonymous with success and controversy in equal measure, has etched his name in the annals of football history.

The “Special One's” unwritten chapter

As the managerial maestro seeks new horizons, Roma enters a phase of introspection, contemplating the road ahead without the charismatic touchline presence of the Special One. The unravelling of Jose Mourinho's journey paints a complex picture where financial intricacies, on-field challenges, and managerial dynamics converge.

The legacy he leaves behind is a mix of adoration from fans and the looming question of what's next for the man who once broke football's conventions.

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