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CasinoWow Privacy and Cookie Policy

Effective as of February 10, 2020

At CasinoWow (“CasinoWow”, “we”, “us”), we strive to bring you the best online casino bonuses, casino reviews and game information. In order to do that we need to process the personal data of those who visit our site (“you”). We also value your right to privacy and go to great lengths to ensure that your personal information is 100% safe and secure at all times.

Below is an overview of the information we collect and store the information you share with us (“personal data”), how we use the information we collect to improve your experience, and how we protect your information.

1. How we collect and use personal data

Your Personal Information:

When you register an account with CasinoWow, we will record the personal information you provided as a part of that process. This will include but not be limited to your name, your email address and your IP address. It could also include your date of birth, phone number, password, location data, gender, age, and occupation. The same is also true for any online forms you enter to participate in any promotions, giveaways, surveys, sweepstakes and more.

In summary, the following personal data may be collected based on the information you provide Name; Date of birth; Email address; Password; Gender; Age; Occupation; IP address; Location data; Website usage and Preferences.

When it comes to accessing content on CasinoWow while logged into your account, we will also be privy to your login and logout times and dates, as well as your online activity, which can include message boards, free gameplay and other website interactions.

This information will be used to ensure you are sent promotions, news and casino offers that will suit your preferences and tastes.

Signing up for our email newsletter to receive exclusive bonuses, breaking gambling news and other various marketing snippets will mean we will record your registered name and email address. Should you no longer wish to receive, our email newsletters all you have to do is click on the unsubscribe link in the email you received.

Blind Information Collection:

CasinoWow collects a set of technical information from the various pages on the website focusing on how it is being used, what content is deemed valuable and where there are areas for improvement in terms of load speeds and other web services that will ensure we offer our users superior website experience. This information is not linked to a website visitors name or any other descriptor which will infringe upon their privacy.

The coded system for collecting this information is known as a Cookie. You will see a pop up that prompts you to accept cookies when you visit our site for the first time. If you do so, you agree with everything stated in this document.

Who do we share your data with?

We strive to keep your personal data protected, but there may be instances where your personal data will be shared with third-party sites or companies. These instances include:

  • Analytics service providers (such as Google) who process data for their own research as Data Controllers. This takes place via Cookies enabled on our site, which you can agree to use.

  • Cloud services may store data on our instructions for safekeeping.

  • If we are requested to disclose personal information for legal reasons and to protect our interests and security.

  • In the event that the website is sold or reorganised, your personal information is regarded as assets and may be shared with potential buyers.

Personal data used for direct marketing

If any of the personal data we collect for your time spent on the website can be used for direct marketing purposes, we will do so. These marketing services include products and services from us directly or via our partners.

When we have received your consent, your personal data may also be used to offer you services based on your direct interests.

Steps to limit direct marketing are taken to ensure that you are inundated with communications from us or our partners unnecessarily.

Your rights regarding your personal information

There may be times where the personal information we collect from you is kept for a particular amount of time. This may include legal, tax or accounting purposes. Once your data is no longer needed, it will be deleted or made anonymous.

You have rights regarding your personal data, and you can contact us via email if you have any further questions or queries regarding these rights.

Access – You may ask us to confirm whether or not we have collected your personal information and that we give you a copy of said data. You can also ask where or if this information has been shared with third parties.

Rectification – If the information we have on hand for you is incorrect, we advise that you correct it.

Erasure – You may ask us to erase your personal data if it is no longer being collected for legal reasons, you have withdrawn your consent, it has been processed without your knowledge, or for your own legal obligations.

Restriction – If you’d prefer that we restrict the use of your personal data, you may make the request if the information is inaccurate, it has been unlawfully processed, or it is no longer needed for legal purposes.

Objection – You may object to our retaining your personal data if you believe that our legal interests are outweighed by your fundamental rights and freedoms. In response, we will have the right to demonstrate the importance of our legitimate interests.

2. What is a Cookie and What Does the Cookie Do?

A Cookie is a small safe text file which is saved to your computer by a website that you have visited. Since it contains plain text that tells the website that saved it what you liked and didn’t like it helps websites optimise your page load and remember any preferences you set during the previous visit.

Some of the things a Cookie will remember for you include your background settings, language preferences, whether or not you had items in a shopping cart, which time-zone you selected and more. These are all super useful, and we all benefit from them every day!

A Cookie does not contain any computer code, so it does not allow a website any access to your computer or any access to your personal information, making it safe and trustworthy.

Cookies can be used to offer push notification. To make use of these notifications, it will be necessary for you to allow Cookies on your browser. Not accepting Cookies will block this service.

Listed below are the different types of cookies that may be found on this site.

Session Cookies Temporary cookies that expire once you close your browser. Or the session you’re currently in ends.
Persistent Cookies All cookies which will remain on your computer’s hard drive until they are erased manually by you or your browser. These cookies can also have an expiration date which will delete them once it passes.
The ePrivacy Directive states that these cookies cannot last longer than 12 months.
First-Party Cookies These cookies are placed on your device by the website you’re visiting.
Third-Party Cookies These cookies are placed on your device by an advertiser or an analytic system and not by the website.
Strictly Necessary Cookies Essential cookies that are needed for you to browse and make use of the functions available.
Often first-party cookies, these should be clearly explained.
Preferences Cookies These cookies may also be known as functionality cookies, and they allow the website you’re visiting to remember your preferences. This includes the language you’re browsing in, your username and password, etc.
Statistics Cookies Also known as performance cookies, information collected by these cookies include how you browse websites and which links you click on. No personal information is collected about you from these cookies.
Marketing Cookies In order to track your online activity and help advertisers offer you the best deals to suit your needs, these cookies are added by third parties.
Flow Cookies These cookies are used to communicate between our internal servers within the company. Placed on your computer or mobile device, these cookies are deleted once your browsing session has come to an end.


3. Common Cookies used by CasinoWow

Our most common cookies may include the following:

  • Google Analytics – Provided by Google – This cookie is placed by Google, and it used to learn the personal information you provide, including how often you visit our site and for how long.

  • Facebook Pixel – provided by Facebook – This cookie measures, optimise, and builds audiences for Facebook campaigns that you may see in the future.

  • OneSignal – Provided by OneSignal – This cookie allows our site to remember that you’ve already subscribed to receive push notifications on any particular device. Personal announcements are then provided.

  • VWO – Provided by VWO – This cookie is used to identify customers and users. These cookies do not contain any personal information, but they may be stored on your device via your web browser.

  • Hotjar – Provided by Hotjar – This cookie collects non-personal information and aims to provide you with better website experience. It diagnoses technical issues and trends.

  • Ads (AdWords) – Provided by Google Ads (AdWords) – This cookie is used to enable Google Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) campaigns.

  • DoubleClick – Provided by DoubleClick – This cookie is used for advertisers and to advertise on ad servers.

4. Securing Your Information through SSL!

You will see that the CasinoWow website domain begins with ‘https’ versus other sites you may visit which only show ‘HTTP’.

Websites that are secured using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are the only ones that will show you the additional ‘s’. The inclusion of that one additional ‘s’ is the difference between browsing with peace of mind or being concerned that your browsing is not secure.

The security technology behind SSL allows for a website to make a secure connection to your computer or mobile browser when surfing the net. If you use a service like Gmail, you will see that an SSL certificate also protects them.

The 5 Steps to Safe SSL Browsing:

  1. Your browser – you visit a website, and your browser sends a request for the site to identify itself.

  2. The site – the website server assigns your browser its SSL certificate information.

  3. Your browser – it then checks that SSL information against known and trusted databases to make it's legit and trustworthy. If so, it sends it an encrypted link.

  4. The site – the server deciphers the encrypted link your browser sends and opens a secure channel with your browser.

  5. The conversation – your browser and the website you’ve connected to share information in a safe and secure channel giving you peace of mind.

And all of this magic happens in the millisecond between you clicking on the CasinoWow link and the website loading so you can access top-quality gambling information!

5. No Under 18’s Allowed!

None of the information on CasinoWow is targeted at, or appropriate for, users under the age of 18, irrespective of country.

Once we have received notification that any of the information we have gathered was shared by a minor, said the information would be removed from our databases within an acceptable timeframe.

We reserve the right to require that the person making such a claim furnish proof that a minor is involved for compliance and record-keeping purposes.

6. Stay Up To Date

To ensure you’re always up to date with the latest version of our Privacy and Cookie Policies, please be sure to visit this page from time to time.

In order to stay abreast of the ever-changing online landscape, it might be necessary for CasinoWow to amend or update its Privacy or Cookie policies. We reserve the right to do so as we deem necessary without any other notification other than making the relevant changes to this page.

7. Contact Us

If you have any further questions around any of our policies, please be sure to either visit our Terms and Conditions or contact us through our support page, and we will be sure to address any questions you may have.

CasinoWow.com Cookies

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