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Table of contents

    Five factors that affect your online casino experience:

    When we rate and review the online casinos you will find on CasinoWow; we start with what we consider to be the five building blocks of a trustworthy casino, namely:

    1. Reliability

    2. Customer Care

    3. Deposit and Withdrawal Speed

    4. Bonuses and Promotions

    5. Casino Game Selection

    These five key factors are also only a consideration where the basic requirements such as trusted casino software provider, licensing and regulation implementation, trusted deposit and withdrawal mechanisms and a secure casino website have already been confirmed as being in place. Without these, the casinos in question would not be eligible for review from the outset.

    We take the time to interact with the various customer service centres, test the wide array of bonuses and games on offer, check the speed and stability of the gaming servers and then go beyond that to apply our bespoke series of CasinoWow Trophies as a way highlighting those exceptional brands.

    Here are the five factors:


    When the team at CasinoWow assesses the reliability of the brand, we look into several factors which we believe will have an impact on not only their ability to thrive in a competitive landscape but also whether or not they will treat you well now and for the future.

    Our ideal top online casino review will have a solid business infrastructure, being correctly incorporated and having been granted the full suite of regional licenses as this shows they can be trusted with your time and your money.

    They will also be part of the larger trusted group of online casinos or be an independent with a proven track record of security and trustworthiness. We avoid any new casinos which have ties to blacklisted or untrustworthy casino groups.


    Customer Care

    While any online casino can claim to have a Customer Service or Customer Support team when we do our in-depth review of a brand to see if it deserves the CasinoWow stamp of approval we look beyond service and look to see if they offer Customer Care.

    We focus on whether or not the person assisting us is knowledgeable, able to assist us with account and system queries efficiently. When you call back will the agent check your account to see if there is a history and use this information to expedite query resolution?

    Should the query require it, can you trust their team to call you back or respond with requested information when they said they would?

    We also take into account how accessible the Customer Care staff are – do they offer email, live chat and a tax-free phone line? If not, then what are they hiding? Are they active on social media – do they respond in a timely manner to questions sent to them via their social media accounts such as Facebook?


    Deposit and Withdrawal Speed

    Something we frequently hear when it comes to cashing out at online gambling sites is “they take my money immediately, so I want it back immediately”, while there are casinos out there which offer payouts within hours of you hitting the cashout button it is not yet an industry norm.

    There are however many great online casinos which offer payouts within 1-2 business days and will do so without delay time, and time again, this payout consistency is a great trust factor which we value as highly as speediness.

    When it comes to cashing out that progressive jackpot wins, you will be completely at ease if you know the casino you play with has a longstanding history of successful, hassle-free payouts.


    Bonuses and Promotions

    There is nothing better than a big shiny bonus and a promotion that offers seemingly mind-blowing prizes – or is there? Our review team spends time understanding not only the surface offer but also the nitty-gritty of the terms and conditions of each promotion to ensure we bring you promotions which balance amazing value and prizes while also ensuring the terms are clear and easy to adhere too.

    When looking at casino bonuses, you need to consider if there are any minimum deposits required to either activate the promotion or to allow you to cash out your winnings. In the case of many no deposit bonuses the casinos limit the cashout amount, imagine not knowing this and winning a mega jackpot while only being able to withdrawal a fraction of the win. In this case, a deposit match bonus might suit your taste for jackpot hunting better.

    Promotions offer great value in that they offer rich rewards like holidays, electronics and more. However, they usually require certain deposit limits to be met to qualify for the higher tier prizes, or may limit certain prizes, say a boat cruise, to residents of specific countries. Knowing these terms and conditions upfront ensures you enjoy the casino while avoiding undue disappointments.

    You can rest assured that a CasinoWow promoted bonus or promotion will have been thoroughly vetted, so you don’t have any surprise terms disrupting your fun and entertainment.


    Casino Games Selection

    It is amazing how the quality of casino games for real money has improved over the years, best of all the top tier casino software providers like NetEnt and Microgaming offer their best and brightest games for play on your mobile phone and tablet!

    Reviewing the online casino games on offer is large part of our offering on CasinoWow, we look into graphical and sound design, cross-platform playability (is mobile as good as pc and vice versa), bonus features and mini-games, the jackpot pools and payouts on offer, and last but not least the propensity of the game to actually produce the advertised payouts.

    Another key game selection item to consider is whether or not the casino is a single or multiple software provider casinos. Historically a casino offered the games from a single provider say Playtech, however with the advent of secure mobile and browser-based gambling means players have been able to join new online casinos for real money which offer access to the best games from a wide range of Casino Software Providers all under one roof.

    Online Casino FAQ

    Is it legal to gamble with real money at online casinos?

    Yes! If you’re in a country that has legalised online casino laws (or in a country without any online gambling laws at all), you can gamble for real money. It’s important to always check the laws for the jurisdiction you live in. Ensure that the correct authorities have put gambling laws in place or you could face a fine or even imprisonment.

    Is it safe and secure to play at online casinos?

    In order to answer this question, it’s important to understand that not all online casinos are created equally. There are online casinos on the market that are not licensed and that are out to get your money rather than provide entertainment. We’ve reviewed and rated the best and safest casinos for you to enjoy so be sure to read our casino reviews for more information.

    Could online casinos become dangerous to you?

    Unfortunately, problem gambling is a possibility. As with every form of entertainment, too much of a good thing can be dangerous. Ensure that you understand what it means to gamble responsibly while also putting responsible gambling tools to good use when necessary.

    How to stay safe and gamble responsibly?

    Playing responsibly is not a difficult task. As long as you are following responsible gambling practices, an addiction to gambling would be very rare. You can find out more by reading our guide to responsible gambling where you’ll also learn a few handy tips and tricks.

    I have a problem with an online casino, what should I do?

    If you have an issue with an online casino, you must contact their customer support staff to try and settle the matter quickly. However, if you are still unable to receive an answer or the casino refuses to help you, you can contact the gambling authority to step in on your behalf. It’s for this reason that playing at a licensed online casino is very important.

    How I can learn more about online casinos?

    We have a number of great gambling guides to help you learn the ins and outs of the online casino industry. You can find everything you need to know (and learn a few surprising facts along the way).

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