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Content writer

Our latest team member, Polly, is a dream come true. She managed to quickly adapt to our working system and now takes care of the news content and other writing tasks.

She is well-read, passionate, and flexible. And by flexible, we don't only mean she shifts through schedules, but she is also a yoga master!

Polly is a digital nomad and works from all kinds of beautiful spots, spreading Wow joy. Maybe that's why we can safely say her passion is travelling. She also finds time to keep track of all fashion trends, then switch to digital marketing trends, and of course, all that while enjoying a strong espresso cup.

Her bachelor's degree is in Public Relations, but she has so many other certificates and completed courses that we can't even name them all!

Sign: Sagittarius
Superpower: Mastering the art of optimism
What makes her smile: A juicy slice of pizza

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About our review process

We at CasinoWow, are committed to always providing the most unbiased and thorough reviews on casino brands, bonuses, games, providers, and license operators. Knowing what’s most important for the players’ sake, our work is always driven by the most important gambling insights and how to keep the gambling community informed, educated, and prepared. Learn more About us and how things get done, by becoming part of our Wow family!

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Crypto trading and gambling problems: are they connected?

Join us as we explore the relationship between cryptocurrency and gambling addiction based on research and statistics.

Polly | May 29, 2024 |

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4 sunny slots to kickstart the party this summer

Whether you’re about to take your fun outdoors or prefer staying out of the sun, there are many slots to choose from. Here are 4 of the most exciting slots to start playing for the ultimate summer experience.

Polly | May 27, 2024 |

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Understanding and overcoming the gambler’s fallacy

Come along with us as we delve into the psychology behind the gambler’s fallacy, exploring what it entails and how to avoid falling into its trap.

Polly | May 24, 2024 |

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A look into the world of female gamblers

Investigating the online gambling habits of women, including the games they choose and their motivations.

Polly | May 22, 2024 |

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Make a big buzz while playing fun slots on World Bee Day

To keep that love for the bees alive, we’re celebrating World Bee Day on the 20th of May! And what better way to celebrate than by playing fun online slots at top online casinos?

Polly | May 20, 2024 |

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4 ways to spot an online casino’s red flags

Avoid the risks of gambling at an unsafe online casino. Follow these tips to ensure you select only the top, secure options.

Polly | May 17, 2024 |

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