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What are online casino games?

The online gambling world is a vast environment filled with a plethora of online casino games to keep you entertained with the potential to bring in wins. If you have seen it on a casino floor somewhere, there is a good chance that a digital version of the game is available to play from either your desktop or mobile device.

It is not only the variety of titles that are plentiful and enjoyed by millions of people around the globe, but the style of games is also so vast, that there is a good chance that you will be able to find the best online casino games that suit your personality and game playing style.

Obviously, if you are new to the casino world, you might not know what games appeal to you. At CasinoWow we have strived to make the transition into this industry an easy one, with a great page like this that is not only filled with pertinent information about the different forms of online casino games but has provided helpful links and aids to get you started in this thrilling environment.

Partner with us to make your online casino experience a favourable one, as it is our main goal to link players up with their perfect gambling partners, so that a mutually beneficial relationship may begin.

Most Popular Games on the web

Casino games are generally split up into various subcategories to make navigating yourself around a casino site far more user-friendly. Below is a list of some of the more popular types of games played at online casinos around the globe.

Slot Machines

The most popular form of games at online casinos today is Slots. Online slots are the Number 1 stop among new and veteran players. They provide hours of entertainment and FUN and are so many that you'll never get bored of slot games. At CasinoWow, we have featured the best slot titles and in depth reviews of online casinos providing them.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games incorporate a list of titles akin to those found in the virtual table games portfolios. However, there are some vast differences in appearance and gameplay. Where virtual table games are computer rendered, live dealer casino games are hosted by real dealers and croupiers using real cards, roulette wheels and dices etc. The action is then streamed to your desktop or mobile phone where you can play the game via a virtual control in real-time.

This form of gaming is so much more engaging and truly feels like you are on the casino floor, when in actual fact you could be sitting in the comfort of your own home, thousands of miles from the casino studio.

The Best Games

Often the question will arise: What are the best games to play? The answer is pretty straightforward – The best games are the ones that appeal to you and work the best for you, individually.

There are basically two streams of the game in the gambling sphere, namely skill games and random result games.

Skill Games

Games like blackjack require human decisions to determine the outcomes of the game. In fact, most card games and roulette require human intervention in some way that can swing the edge of the game. Because of this, the house edge is much lower, which means that your chance of winning is much higher. For this reason, you will need to know the rules and other tips involved in playing these games to be successful. The payouts can be quite good, but nothing like the jackpots that can be won on randomly managed games.

Random Results

The clearest example of such a game is casino slot games. The player has absolutely no bearing on the result of the game. They just spin the reels and hold their thumbs in hopes of a favourable outcome. All outcomes are completely random and are controlled by a sophisticated random number generator that holds very little bias. No casino, provider, or player can tell when the next win will be made.

The house edge is far more favourable to the casino in this instance, which means you have less chance of making wins here than on table games. However, the jackpots and high wins are generally far more lucrative, not to mention the atmosphere of the game being far more attractive.

Mobile 'On the Go' gaming

In recent years the industry has shifted tremendously from standard desktop online gambling to gambling on mobile devices like phones and tablets/iPads. The current climate of instant gratification has forced providers to make games available to players wherever they find themselves and using whatever platform or device.

Mobile gambling truly is ‘on the go’ as you can whip out your phone and play your favourite games in the bus, in a bank queue, on your lunch break, or just before you go off to bed. The market panders to your convenience.

Current mobile gambling is far more popular now then it was in its birthing stages, as modern advancements have been made to both devices and gaming software platforms to provide for seamlessly integrated play. Thanks to modern HTML5 technology, games can be played on your Android or iOS device with the same quality that players have come to expect from standard online desktop devices. Due to this fact, mobile igaming has already outstripped online gambling for popularity and remains the way forward for the foreseeable future.


We advise that if you are new to the casino gaming industry, or to a particular type of game, that you make use of our slots in free play mode. This will allow you to play and get a feel for a game with virtual money, which means you can save your real cash for real play casinos once you have got the knack of the gameplay and rules.

Make sure that you make use of our comprehensive list of game guides to help familiarise yourself with specific game rules and procedures, as well as, our list of latest casino bonuses. All of this will stand you in good stead to become a more successful online gambler.

Rest Assured

Rest assured that when choosing to play game titles from our CasinoWow lists, that you are partaking of games from the finest software companies in the world. When opting to play these games for real money, each casino offer has been vetted by us for ethical gameplay and top service standards.

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