Weird habits of celebrities and historical icons

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April 25, 2024

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Habits are very easy to learn but very hard to break. As humans, we have some quirky habits that make us more relatable and add uniqueness to our personalities. Luckily, not everyone is the same, but we may have similar habits.

A quirky habit is a distinctive behaviour or preference that is different from societal norms and how people expect us to act. These habits often manifest in various aspects of our lives, from daily routines to food preferences and activities.

Fascinating habits

Quirky habits can add some “flavour” to your personality or be seen as conspicuous. Let’s delve into some common habits many people worldwide share.

Beating the microwave countdown

This is a fun habit, and it can get you very excited when you try to stop the microwave precisely one second before it beeps.

Precise volume setting

This can become irritating for some, especially when you are at a stranger’s house. Your volume number must always be on an even number because it doesn’t feel right when it is 9 instead of 10.

Measuring time in songs

Another fun way to complete tasks is to estimate how long it will take to finish a specific task based on the number of songs you can listen to, estimating the length of a song at 3 minutes.

Must shut everything for bedtime

Some people have this ritual or habit of shutting everything, from the kitchen to the bedroom cabinet doors, before they can fall asleep. Could they fear what is lingering in the dark?

Instead of viewing these quirky habits as abnormalities to be hidden or corrected, embrace the strangeness! These habits enrich our lives with humour and remind us that the peculiarities indeed separate us from the rest.

Celebs and their quirks

We often forget that celebrities are human, too. Behind the mask of fame and fortune lies a wide range of quirks that define the habits of famous celebs. From renowned artists to influential figures, let’s look at some popular celebrities today and the habits that make them stand out.

Jake Gyllenhaal

The well-loved actor Jake Gyllenhaal has a keen interest in water conservation. His quirk is that he prefers to embrace his natural oils by not taking daily showers. That is hard to believe, especially with that fantastic hair.

Next time you see him on screen, swooning over his looks, remember that some unwashed charm lurks beneath it all.

Sandra Bullock

Sandy B’s unusual skincare choice of haemorrhoid cream is an important part of her daily routine to keep her under-eye bags under control.

Robert Pattinson

Rob likes to let his hair down. The charming Twilight star has his hair-wash routine. He schedules it for every 6th week, not a day before! He firmly believes in the “don’t wash, don’t care” motto.

Jessica Biel

Have you ever been in such a rush that you forgot to eat? This is certainly not the case for Jessica Biel, as her quirky habit is to take meals in the shower.

She said that "it is my go-to for meals when time is ticking".

Jennifer Lawrence

Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has a quirky habit that one can't just overlook. She confessed that she pees in sinks. She is not a person for long queues, so when nature calls, she rushes to the nearest sink to finish the job.

Kim Kardashian

Kim K is the master of coats. She confesses that she does not throw out old or unwanted coats. Instead, she “archives” them.

Revealing the habits of famous historical figures

Historical figures have shaped the world we know today. However, we must realise that these historical figures also had bizarre habits.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s founding figures, had this strange habit of taking an air bath. He would stand naked before an open window, believing that fresh air is nature's soap.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I of England had a soft spot for sugar. She could not resist sweet treats every day. Rumour has it that by the time of her death, her teeth were so badly decayed that they had to be removed.

Vincent Van Gogh

If you had asked Vincent Van Gogh what his favourite colour paint was, the answer would surely have been yellow. He had this strange habit of eating yellow paint daily because he believed yellow brings joy and positivity. He would only enjoy a small quantity of this yellow treat to lift his mood.

Nikola Tesla

American inventor Nikola Tesla habitually counted his steps while walking and made mental calculations as he walked. He firmly believed that doing this would keep his mind focused and healthy.

Isaac Newton

Have you ever accidentally inserted something into one of your eyes? It's uncomfortable. This is, in fact, different from the experience Isaac Newton had. He used to insert a metal probe into his eye socket while pressing down on his eyeball, believing that this practice would improve his vision.


Listen to the lovely composer Beethoven and get lost in your thoughts. You probably didn’t know that when your favourite Beethoven piece was composed, the man himself used to pour a bucket of ice water over his head to “stimulate” his brain and to “increase” his focus.

Celebs and their gambling habits

Casinos form a big part of our lives, and we all know someone who loves the gambling world, from Hollywood A-listers to award-winning musicians. During all those centuries, land-based and online casinos have continued to captivate celebrities across the globe.

Let's look at the intriguing world of gambling habits among today's biggest stars.

  • Ben Affleck is no stranger to the excitement casinos offer. He is keenly interested in high-profile poker game tournaments and has won several times.
  • Drake - The chart-topping musician loves the thrill of gaming. He loves to place bets on sporting events and casino games, with rumours of six-figure bets on basketball games.
  • Toby Maguire has made a name for himself as Spider-Man and in professional poker. He loves to participate in high-stakes cash games and private celebrity poker games.

As we all know, the gambling world has existed for a long time, and some of our famous historical figures also loved the thrill of the casino and games of chance.

  • King Henry VIII - He was also known as The Royal Gambler. Henry loved dice games and card games. He used the royal court as a gambling den for his high-stakes matches.
  • Giacomo Casanova - The Italian adventurer and seducer was particularly fond of gambling games. He was skilled at them and cunningly used European salons and casinos to increase his wealth.
  • King Charles II - King Charles was known as the "Merry Monarch" for his lifestyle. He was a card player and had a dedicated room at Whitehall Palace, where he and his guests played cards and dice games until late at night.

Whether the thrills drove them or they just wanted to escape, their stories show human nature and the timeless quest for fortune.

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