First of its kind eSports Island for the UAE

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May 10, 2024

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The prominent eSports network True Gamers has revealed its plans for the impressive new feature coming to Abu Dhabi.

They’re planning to construct the world’s first eSports island with a value of over $280 million.

eSports has garnered a lot of attention, and with this eSports island, there’s no telling how far the industry is about to go.

Plans for the $280 million eSports Island

Abu Dhabi is already considered a major tourist destination thanks to the range of islands that keep growing. Now, with the plans for the eSports Island, the UAE may become the central focus of eSports globally.

The new eSports Island will be of a different stature, with a luxury hotel, state-of-the-art training facilities, the best tech gaming venues, and other content creation spaces. The idea is to create a thriving ecosystem to expand the eSports community worldwide.

While the project plan is estimated to cost around $280 million, it is expected to be worth over $1 billion by its completion.

A dream for eSports fans

It’s an eSports dream with plans for luxury resorts, tournament venues, and training facilities. According to the UAE eSports network True Games, the Middle East looks promising for gamers as over 60% of the population are gaming enthusiasts.

Their market analysis shows that the region’s esports landscape and global growth can only benefit from the eSports Island.

The plan is to position the Island between the Al Bandar and Al Dana developments along the beautiful Al Raga beach. It’s a strategic placement that will benefit all who visit.

As per the proposal, the GG Resort will be on one side. It’s a 200-room hotel with gaming computers, a spa, and a swimming pool. The centre will have the GG Bootcamp, a professional training facility with high-performance PCs, areas to sleep and relax between gaming sessions, and analytical tools that collect player data.

Next door will be the TG Arena, where all events will occur. This includes tournaments, conferences, and exhibitions.

There will also be a streaming area in the arena that accommodates consoles, PC gamers, and content creation.

Island features

In the proposal, the Island will feature nutritious, balanced programs that will remove the stress about food habits and ensure all visitors have access to healthy meals.

There’s the dedicated space for content creation, which doesn’t focus solely on influencers but allows access to game developers. This easily ensures that everyone in the gaming community has access to options that benefit their craft.

The island will also see the Digital Tower, a dynamic business hub with modern workplaces, startup accelerators, and the latest technology and animation development studios.

Serious gamers can prepare for a fully immersive experience where they don’t need to leave in a few hours but instead spend a couple of days focused on their gaming strategies and plans.

Aside from the professionals, the project also plans to cater to little ones, providing eSports camps for children where they can start honing their craft from a young age.

An eSports focus

According to Vlad Belyanin, the CPO and co-founder of True Gamers, the priority is to foster a thriving eSports culture with space for growth and the industry's evolution. Their goal is to continue looking for innovative trends and opportunities that will help elevate the gaming experience for casual and professional gamers.

According to Belyanin, the eSports Island is a groundbreaking achievement for the entertainment industry. It will offer both the opportunity for relaxation and open the floor for competitive gambling.

In terms of investors, it is said to be a long-term project with the payback anticipated over a period of 10 years.

Something worth getting excited about is the Island’s boot camp programs, which will cover everything. While the Island itself will be a great opportunity for players to get together and get serious about their esports skills, it will also open opportunities for enthusiasts eager to learn, with specialised boot camps for all ages, including children.

This will make the space convenient for the now and for nurturing future gamers. Everything required for the journey will be available. Think computer arenas, relaxation zones, nutritious meals, and comfortable living spaces.

Something else visitors can look forward to is the range of unique activities the Island will offer. One of the options we’re looking forward to is the PUBG-inspired parachute jump check-in.

eSports Island recap

The Esports Island will have four main areas that each offer a different experience:

  • TG Arena — This is where all international esports tournaments, digital exhibitions, and conferences will occur. The arena can easily adapt to fit different game genres and competition formats. Specialised zones include the computer club featuring 100+ high-performing PCS, a console zone with 20 PS consoles, and a fully equipped streaming area.
  • GG Boot Camps – This is a preparation camp where professional players and enthusiasts can increase their skills and improve their strategy in an optimal environment as they prepare for tournaments.
  • GG Resort — Visitors can expect a luxury hotel experience. The area has 200 rooms equipped with high-performance computers. Visitors can enjoy leisure facilities like the pool, spa, or beach during their stay.
  • Digital Tower – This business hub is where you can access modern workplaces, the latest technology, animation studios, and startup accelerators.

With everything in mind for this new eSports island, we could soon see some big changes, including new tournaments or moving existing tournaments to the UAE.

One thing is certain, and that’s that the Island will cover everything. Thanks to a collaboration with eSports teams globally, the most necessary equipment and features for the boot camp and gaming environment were identified. Over 100 organisations have participated in the research, and big names like Virtus Pro, Team Spirit, and BetBoom provide valuable insight.

Belyanin says this first-of-its-kind eSports Island will provide the perfect blend of relaxation and gaming competitiveness.

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