AI and its impact on sports betting

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July 10, 2024

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AI is taking over industries with tools designed to help and create more convenience. Within the online gambling industry, AI has many uses and functions, allowing an enhanced player experience.

In recent times, artificial intelligence has been used not just by sports sites but also by sports bettors to help with their sports analysis and even sports betting.

We take a look at the use of AI in sports betting and sports analysis in the article below.

How is AI being used in sports betting?

Sports bettors have started making use of AI predictions, adding them to their strategies. With AI, bettors can gather plenty of data on the teams, players, and other factors. They can also choose their AI model based on the data and prediction goals.

AI can also be used to identify the factors that are most likely to impact the game outcome, and then the AI model can be trained to use historical data and validate its accuracy using cross-validation techniques.

Another aspect is that these models can be trained to predict the outcomes of the upcoming games and assist in risk management. They can help you make better bets and minimize your losses. They can also assist in monitoring the line movements and then adjusting the bets accordingly.

The impact of AI in sports betting

AI is also making an impact through Performance Analysis, Game Strategy, Injury Prevention, Talent Scouting, and Fan Engagement.

It can easily be said that AI has become a very useful tool for both sports bettors and those within the sports industry. It can analyse sports and be a game changer in terms of team strategy optimisation, as it processes data quickly and provides real-time insights.

AI can analyse massive amounts of data, which is quite useful in terms of getting player statistics, game dynamics, and opponent tendencies. With this, coaches have the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses within the team and use the data to optimise their game plans.

It’s even possible for AI to predict and possibly prevent player injuries by analysing their movement patterns, allowing staff and trainers to intervene and minimize the injury risks.

For fans, this could also be a great tool of engagement as AI can capture the highlights featuring the most exciting moments of games for players to view and engage with. With personalised content delivery, fans are kept locked in.

In terms of game strategy, AI can be used to analyse game footage, identify patterns in the opposing team's gameplay, and then suggest optimal strategies for these matches. AI also has the ability to analyse player performance quickly, which could be a great help in talent scouting and recruitment.

Are AI predictions in sports betting accurate?

Something to keep in mind is that while AI predictions might be convenient, there is no definite answer to their accuracy. While it can be useful, it is necessary to understand that the prediction accuracy of AI can vary as it is influenced by a number of factors.

These factors include data quality, model complexity, feature selection, market efficiency, as well as randomness and uncertainty.

  • Data quality — Accurate predictions require high-quality data, and if the data is incomplete or biased, the AI models may not make the most accurate predictions.
  • Model complexity — If it’s a sophisticated AI model that utilises substantial data and resources, it may be more accurate, but if it’s a simpler model, you may not have access to the most accurate predictions.
  • Features — Features, including team dynamics and player performance, also affect accuracy. You need to pick the right ones to get an accurate rating.
  • Market efficiency — Then, we look at how effective the market is, as the AI predictions must be better than those of the market in order to be profitable.
  • Random outcomes — We can’t factor out the fact that sports events are quite random. Anything from ref decisions to player injuries can suddenly change the direction of the outcome.

A proper model can allow for fairly accurate predictions, but it should be kept in mind that no outcome is definite, and AI may be inaccurate. It’s not a quick fix that can necessarily select better outcomes than you would have.

What limits are there in using AI for sports analysis?

There are a couple of challenges that technology faces, including questions regarding data privacy and security concerns. There are also the dangers of biased information, as the historical data fed to AI may include biases. And if it isn’t trained to overlook these biases, it may provide inaccurate information.

Some powerful tools that can assist with ensuring fairness and ethical usage in AI are AI Fairness 360, Fairlean, and What-If Tool. These can assist developers in creating AI systems that are better and quicker in identifying and addressing any bias in the provided data.

Of course, there’s also the concern of automation and the removal of the human interaction elements in terms of data-driven content. While the goal is to minimise autonomy in areas like analysis and scouting, it’s important to keep in mind that AI is not meant to replace human interaction and activity within these fields but instead assist it.

AI the future of sports betting

AI is a useful tool that can quickly break down big amounts of data and lift out the most important points. As the models develop and the technology improves, there’s plenty of potential for AI in sports betting.

While there are some factors it can take into account, there are always better odds and wagering opportunities you may have missed by trying it solo.

We have thoroughly covered the future of AI in the iGaming industry. If you want to learn more about it, check out some of our other articles about it. Start by reading our pieces on:

AI can help with better predictions, enhance the user experience and level of engagement, and help with better decision-making. At the end of the day, it can be said that AI is revolutionising sports betting by providing a better overall experience, valuable insights, and optimised odds.

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