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AI on the rise: The future of iGaming

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AI is taking over the world, and here’s how it’s impacting you and your online gaming experience.

The common goal for the masses today is to do whatever promotes speed and efficiency. There’s also no denying that we live in a data-driven world where data has become the centre point.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise in various industries, and here’s how it’s expected to impact the online gambling industry.

AI and the gaming industry

Over the years, AI has steadily been rising and is very active in many creative industries today. The belief is that AI will drive growth for both startups and existing companies over the next decade. AI software revenue is expected to reach rates of $90 billion by 2025.

Both business managers and data scientists alike are driven towards AI as they are tempted to leave the number crunching to machines. Industries most significantly affected by AI include IT, Finance, Marketing, Healthcare, and Transport. Most of these directly or indirectly play a role in the success of the iGaming industry too.

The online gambling industry will see some very big changes and developments thanks to the rise of AI. We’ve previously discussed the future of AI in the online casino industry. And it’s already been established that it massively influences iGaming today. It is a key element in innovation and has so much potential in terms of risk assessment.

AI does it better

There are several reasons why the industry, along with many others, is starting to rely more heavily on AI technology. Here is a quick breakdown of how the use of AI will impact the online casino industry.

Better customer service

This is already in play with bots that can assist players. Instead of waiting for service for an undetermined amount of time, you have instant service. No matter what time of day or night, AI allows for quicker service 24/7 all year long.

Keep track of finances

For big online casinos, losing track of payments can be easy, especially with a large number of players. The use of AI makes it easy to manage finances. On the player end, AI will allow you to keep track of your transactions automatically.

You’ll be able to use various tools to manage your finances and ensure you don’t spend too much.

Supporting healthy playing behaviour

AI can be used to improve Responsible Gambling programs further and better understand player behaviour. This is done through a player analysis program that tests gambling addictiveness. The system will test how much is spent on gambling per month or year and how many hours are spent playing weekly.

This makes it easier to flag players with addiction problems, aiding them and promoting healthier betting habits.

Secure data and detect fraud

The allure of AI for the online gaming industry is its potential to detect fraud with a high accuracy rate. It analyzes data from users’ devices and can also help detect malicious activity before any harm is done.

AI can track transactions, flag accounts, and identify suspicious activity, making it easier for human staff to investigate further.

Sustain is self-sustainable

A big benefit of AI is that it can help detect machine malfunctions quickly and accurately, preventing fraud and protecting players’ funds. As soon as a malfunction and the cause are identified, the machine is shut down, ensuring no one loses money.

AI will also help casinos operate more efficiently by identifying new opportunities for revenue growth while at the same time reducing costs in redundant areas.

Published: February 3, 2023

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