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AI and its future in the online casino industry

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A look at how AI will influence and impact the online gambling industry in years to come.

The online gambling industry has evolved rapidly in the last few years with exciting changes. One of the most interesting developments is the use of AI technology throughout the industry.

It is becoming more prominent, leaving many to think that the future of the gambling industry comes with AI integration.

The future of the industry and AI

The gambling industry is massively influenced by AI technology which is seen in how it is applied to nearly every field. In many ways, AI has become a key element in driving industries and innovation which does not end with online casinos.

According to Grand View Research, the AI market was worth about $62.35 billion in 2020 and is expected to rise to more than $930 billion by 2028. One fundamental connection between the gambling industry and the AI market is that both are constantly evolving and growing, with no end to potential seen in the near future.

AI has already led to so many improvements in the industry, which enhances not just the gaming experience but also provides users with a better overall casino experience. One of the big focus points is automated CRM which many believe is the key to growth and scalability.

The potential of automated CRM is that it enables you to keep your team small and grow your business. It lessens the workload for everyone while keeping the ship running smoothly.

AI in poker

Let's not forget the excitement of having AI-driven assistants present in online gaming. A big step towards a collaborative future for AI and iGaming is the use of AI-driven poker assistants.

The new poker assistant is a bot that utilizes AI technology to improve your gameplay. It predicts your opponent's moves and provides hints to help you stay one step ahead. It's the ultimate poker companion made in collaboration with the multiple WSOP bracelet winner, Fedor Holz.

888 Casino has taken things one step further by adding a new AI-enabled assistant to their customer support. The casino operator is looking to increase their responsible gaming service for existing players through the use of AI technology.

What to expect?

With AI, there are so many possibilities which include a complete overhaul of the user experience. Already there is an integration of AI in the customer service section and the responsible gambling sections in many online casinos. To take it further, the use of AI is incorporated into improving the customized offers available for players.

One of the expectations is that the industry will go even deeper into personalizing the experience in this regard. This means more enhancements in customer support, better responsible gambling tools, and even more accurately customized offers. This AI will be able to provide players with more personalized bets shortly after games. This will be especially prominent in sports betting.

An interesting idea is that AI will bring new ways of betting, such as betting on Concept Trends, including the latest issues, ideas, phrases, or words. And as it gets to know your preferences, AI could potentially throw out some possible bet options you might like. Think social media 'People you may know' only in this regard it's a 'Bets you may like'. And you can decide if you want to use these suggestions or not.

Better reward systems

With AI technology, online casinos are quickly improving their offerings. And as the AI advances, so will the offers. AI is used to analyze the effectiveness of current promotional offers and loyalty programs.

From there, the operators can come together and use the data to launch a better and more effective rewards system that will truly benefit players.

A better edge on fraud detection

Another benefit expected to come from AI technology advancements in the years to come is more sophisticated fraud detection technology. With AI, gambling operators will have the opportunity to detect any potential fraud while simultaneously enhancing their anti-money laundering capabilities.

It's a nice addition to the industry in terms of cleaning up the crooked ways and providing users with a safe and secure experience.

The side effects

Of course, with all the benefits the industry can experience, it is only normal to expect some negatives in the works. One of the biggest concerns surrounds the privacy and safety of those using automated AI solutions. The reason is that there are currently no regulations in place for this technology. As with all great innovations, it can quickly become a weapon of destruction in the wrong hands.

However, with the industry's primary focus being responsible gambling and regulations, the future might also include proper regulations for AI technology.

Published: May 20, 2022

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